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NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for July 26, 2017


Shanley’s Release Leaves Victims Shaken!


Kate’s Law!


Trump’s Transgender Tweet!


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NightSide – Solving Medical Mysteries

BOSTON (CBS) – Dr. Stuart Mushlin is the medical director of Brigham Circle Medical Associates at the Boston Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Over his four decades in the field, Dr. Mushlin has seen it all. […]

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NightSide – Donald Trump Jr. Releases Email Chain

BOSTON (CBS) – Donald Trump Jr. published the email chain that led to a June 2016 meeting between himself, Paul Manafort (who later became campaign director), Jared Kushner, and a Russian lawyer. The emails show […]

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NightSide – When Will Democrats Let It Go?

BOSTON (CBS) – President Trump has returned from a successful trip abroad that included a well-received speech in Poland and a face-to-face meeting with Vladimir Putin, during which the President confronted the Russian leader over […]

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NightSide – Let The Parents Decide

BOSTON (CBS) – Charlie Gard is a British child that has been hospitalized in London after it was discovered that he has infantile-onset encephalomyopathic mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, an extremely rare genetic condition that is […]

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–07/11/2017

NightSide – NPR – Numerous Pay Raises

BOSTON (CBS) – National Public Radio often asks listeners for contributions to support its non-profit model. There are also numerous grants and programs that help fund public broadcasting stations with taxpayer money. But a new […]

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–07/11/2017

NightSide – Will ObamaCare Finally be Overturned?

BOSTON (CBS) – There’s been much mulling amongst republicans over the Senate bill after the CBO stated McConnell’s initial proposal would cause 22 million Americans to lose insurance by 2026. The democrats are pushing health […]

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NightSide – President Trump Speaks From Poland

BOSTON (CBS) – President Trump delivered a speech in Warsaw, Poland that focused on dealing with terrorism in our modern world. “The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to […]

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NightSide – North Korea Flexes Its Muscles

BOSTON (CBS) – North Korea tested an ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile), generating a lot of global attention. The missile could supposedly reach Alaska, which would make the military threat posed by North Korea’s developing nuclear […]

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NightSide – Misogyny in Politics

BOSTON (CBS) – What can we do to make politics more welcoming to women? Marisa DeFranco continues her open letter to the media. Originally broadcast July 4th, 2017.

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NightSide – Be a Leader Not a Tweeter

BOSTON (CBS) – North Korea has conveniently launched a long-range missile test on the eve of Independence Day, which prompted tweets from President Trump. Part of it reads, “Does this guy have anything better to […]

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