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Welcome to Conversation Nation, the official home of conversation. This is where David, Paula, Robi and Melissa bring their thought bubbles to life and welcome you in to discuss whatever is on your mind.

Curious Why Oil, Gas Prices Are Rising So Quickly

Oil and gas prices have been climbing hitting us all in the pocketbook. By why is that happening? Is it as simple as the law of supply and demand, or is something more happening.


Conversation Nation: Lift Ban On Gays Giving Blood?

A student at Dean College in Franklin says he just wanted to donate a pint of blood.


Conversation Nation: No Job? I Want My Money Back

Imagine if your college degree came with a money back guarantee. Can’t find a job? No problem, here’s your tuition money back!


Conversation Nation: Did Frank’s Opponent Taunt Opponent?

In local politics we’re used to seeing negative campaign ads, but here’s one thing you may never have seen before an election: A candidate’s significant other heckling an opponent.


Conversation Nation: Poll Shows Obama Supporters May Defect

A new poll shows that 25% of the those who supported candidate Obama in 2008 are defecting to the GOP.


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