• 2018 Boston MarathonMoments from the Boston Marathon on April 16, 2018.
  1. Daniel Margolis says:

    great to see the history–where are the captions to the photos?
    I’ve been listening since 1950–brought back so many wonderful memories—onward to the centennial!

  2. Deshon Porter says:

    happy 90 I called all of the talk shows I moved here in 09 but when I came here to visit I heard WBZ. my first show that I called was steve oh I even sing on his show when the bruns won! then went on to nightside when I have moved hr and jordan then I got hooked! I wish that I could call today. and I love the talk show not to the right or left just right for me. WBZ keeped me even when I was homeless n the streets. I am a big fan of the all of the ladies of the news mary blake the main one I rembe but love them all! happy 90th WBZ glad to be a part of the family.

  3. Paula Freedman says:

    What a trip down memory lane. Was on the old Quizdown Show with Nelson Bragg in the late 1950s. Our school won (Horace Mann Jr. High in Everett).

  4. kevin says:

    Great gallery..great pics, brought back mems alright

  5. Peter J Lee says:

    I grew up in the Boston area and back in the day it was either ‘MEX or WBZ – I was into ‘BZ big time. A few stories – I did get to see one of Carl’s ‘Fairs of Europe’ presentations and had his autograph.
    I owe Jefferson Kaye for a lifetime interest in one Bob Dylan. Wbz was playing the Byrds’ ‘Mr Tamborine Man’ but it was Jefferson who would play Dylan’s original on one of his ‘Hootenany shows. I was hooked & went out & bought ‘Bringin’ it All back Home’ listening to it in toto & I had just graduated from high school.
    Finally, Bruce Bradley used to play bits & pieces of Screamin’ J Hawkins ‘I put a Spell on You’. The navy sent me to Hawaii in the mid to late 60s & while on the bus for Honolulu, I saw, on a marquee for a club ‘J Hawkins. Sure enough it was the very same. We did chat for a bit but I don’t remember about what. The next time I was home on leave I was going to call & tell Bruce the story but he had moved on.

  6. Wail says:

    Re: Bay Area rnigats.But in the neighboring San Jose market generally considered a little more conservative, both KSFO-AM and KNEW-AM were down, the latter to a dangerous 1.1. Air America: 0.6 in San Jose, a zillion percent increase from the 0.0 in the last rnigats book.

  7. Harli says:

    AAR will count you as an affiliate even if you only carry one AAR show. WJNO (West Palm Beach, FL) is lesitd as an affiliate b/c they carry Randi Rhodes.

  8. Ravi says:

    More Air America numbers in. In red state small ekramt Ashville, NC, Air America jumps to 2.2 from the 1.4 Fall numbers. In the same ekramt, wingnut radio drops from 6.3 to 5.3.Columbia, SC has a 50% in Air America numbers.It looks like Brian’s campaign isn’t working.

  9. Harli says:

    [Purple Raider] Next thing you know, the big Youngstown ratings will be in.Ah, but it’s the key to the Cleveland and Pittsburgh aemkrts… :) and from there, who knows? The world?

  10. Melton says:

    Mattyice2423 on November 6, 2011 Hey Jon I commented on the atrlcie but I forgot to put my twitter so my name on there was mcmcorrea24 and my twitter is @mattyice2423

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