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Rundown for October 24, 2014


Terrorism North Of The Border!  The entire nation of Canada was shaken this week, when a lone gunman named Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, believed to have been radicalized and sympathetic to groups like ISIS, shot and killed a soldier in the street and then stormed the Parliament.  The attack was supposedly provoked by a delay in his application for a passport, which he was planning on using to travel to Syria.  Toronto Sun columnist Tarek Fatah checks in with NightSide Nation to talk about the attack and the fallout as Canada deals with its own homegrown terrorist.  Call in and join the conversation!


Taking The Christmas Out Of Christmas Break?  The Marshfield School Committee has stood by its decision to call the winter vacation “Holiday Break” instead of the usual “Christmas Break,” despite major pushback from parents in the community.  The parents who spoke at the meeting say that the change implies that “anything Christmas is off-limits,” and unfairly discriminates in the name of political correctness.  What do you think?  Should Christmas Vacation remain Christmas Vacation?  Or is it better to be more inclusive, no matter how the town feels about the issue?  Call in and sound off!




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