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Rundown for October 9, 2015


Looking At Patrick Kennedy’s Thoughts About Addiction!  Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy appeared in an emotional interview on 60 Minutes this past Sunday.  He talked openly about his own problems with addiction, as well as the struggles of other family members.  But he also spoke of “the family code,” and the reactions he got when he tried to talk about these problems.  With Massachusetts and the nation as a whole facing a serious addiction epidemic, do you think we all need to be more open when discussing these tough issues?  Do you think it’s common that families want to bury this type of problem?  Call in and join the conversation!


State Auditor Suzanne Bump On DCF Reforms!  Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker recently announced major reforms to the Department of Children and Families.  The embattled agency has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons over the past few years, after a number of high-profile cases ended in tragedy.  Massachusetts State Auditor Suzanne Bump has been calling for similar reforms ever since a 2014 audit of the agency.  She sits down with Dan to talk about why it took so long to see real change, and whether or not the Governor’s plan goes far enough.  Call in with your questions or comments and add your voice to the mix!


Is There A Racial Double Standard?  GQ magazine has made some headlines with a recent post entitled “F— Ben Carson.”  The piece slams the GOP candidate for promoting stupid, hateful views despite the fact that he is an educated man that should know better (unlike Trump, who the author believes is actually genuinely stupid).  But some in the right-wing media are calling out the left for their lack of outrage over what they see as a racist post.  Do you think liberals are hypocrites when it comes to views on tolerance and equality?  Would there be a bigger outcry if the piece had been aimed at President Obama?  Is the piece racist?  How do we raise the level of political discourse in this country once more?  Call in and be heard!




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