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Rundown for January 30, 2015


Mitt Romney Is Out!  After a few weeks of feeding the rumors, Mitt Romney officially announced today that he will not be running for president in 2016.  With all of the buzz that had been building around Romney, his announcement has left the GOP field wide open, with Jeb Bush as the current frontrunner but not by much.  Are you surprised Romney decided against a third run at the White House?  Which GOP candidate do you think would have the best chance against Hillary Clinton?  Who do you think will get the nomination?  Who should get it?  What does it say about our political system if we end up with another Bush/Clinton showdown?  Call in and join the conversation!


Are We Alone In The Universe?  Eight new planets have just been discovered by the Kepler Space Telescope, and they appear to be the most Earth-like planets we’ve ever found.  Not too far from their sun but also not too close, these planets are in the “goldilocks zone.”  According to astronomers, they are most likely rocky, as opposed to balls of gas, and seem to get the right amount of sunlight.  It even seems possible that they could have fresh water rather than being completely dry or completely frozen.  There is still much investigating and exploring to do, but what do you think of this new discovery?  Do you think we are the only life forms in the universe?  Or do you think there are others out there somewhere?  If we ever make contact with another species, do you think it would be peaceful?  Call in and be a part of the show!



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