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Rundown for March 27, 2015


U.S. Representative Joe Kennedy Is In Studio!  Congressman Joseph Kennedy III currently represents the 4th District of Massachusetts in the House of Representatives.  Congressman Kennedy joins Dan in the NightSide studio to discuss ongoing budget issues, the volatile situation in the Middle East, gridlock in Washington, and whatever else you’d like to hear them discuss!  Call in with your questions or comments and have your voice heard!


An Update From The Friends Of St. Frances X Cabrini!  After the Friends of St. Frances X Cabrini received a court summons from the Archdiocese of Boston last week, some thought it could mean the end of a vigil that has lasted for more than ten years.  But the judge decided to take the case under advisement, and the vigil continues, at least for now.  Mary Elizabeth Carmody, the attorney representing the Friends of St. Frances, joins Dan in studio to give the latest updates and to take your calls.  Call in and be a part of the show!


And Then There Were Two!  Once a massive empire, Howard Johnson’s restaurants have all but disappeared from the local landscape.  With the Lake Placid, New York location being sold and closed this week after nearly sixty years in business, there are only two remaining locations left.  One in Bangor, Maine, and one in Lake George, New York are all that remain of the once family-favorite location.  This new development got us wondering…what were some of your favorite places to go with your family?  Do you have any specific memories or stories from family outings?  Call in and join the conversation!



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