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Rundown for August 22, 2014


8PM – Homeland Warns U.S. Law Enforcement!  The terrorist group ISIS has dominated the news this week, after they posted the horrific video of American journalist James Foley’s execution online for the world to see.  Officials at the Pentagon have said the group represents an unprecedented threat, and that they are extremely well organized and funded.  Today, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security sent a bulletin to law enforcement officials around the country, warning them to be on the lookout for ISIS sympathizers looking to retaliate within the United States.  Lawrence Korb, Georgetown professor and Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, joins NightSide to discuss the situation.  Call in and join the conversation!


10PM – Here’s Looking At You, Kid.  Movies have a way of capturing our imagination and transporting us to a time and place far away from our reality.  The experience of watching a well-made film is something that can stay with us, sometimes for the rest of our lives.  There’s something truly magical about the moment Darth Vader tells Luke he’s his father, or the look in John Keating’s eyes when he explains the passion of poetry to his students.  When you think about your favorite movies or favorite movie quotes, what comes to mind?  Do you like the classics or more modern films?  What lines of dialogue have really stuck with you through the years?  Call in and recite your favorite movie quote for Dan and NightSide Nation!




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