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Rundown for July 31, 2015


Who Should Get The Stage?  Fox News is hosting the first GOP primary debate next week, but with a field that currently includes 17 candidates, not everyone will be able to participate.  It seems that polling percentages will be used to draw the line between the top ten candidates and the rest of the pack.  But is it fair that fractions of a percentage point could prevent some candidates from being seen and heard on stage with the frontrunners?  Do you think all 17 candidates should be able to appear?  How would you separate contenders from pretenders?  Who are you hoping to hear from the most?  Call in and be heard!


Dan Talks With A Purple Heart Winner!  Retired Staff Sgt. Brian Mast is from Florida, but staying in Boston as he finishes an economics degree at Harvard.  Mast served in the U.S. Army for twelve years, his final role as a bomb disposal expert under the Joint Special Operations Command.  During his service, he dealt with deadly IEDs on a daily basis, and tragically, the last device Mast found ended up gravely injuring him and caused him to lose his legs.  In recognition of his service, Mast was awarded The Bronze Star Medal, The Army Commendation Medal for Valor, The Purple Heart Medal, and The Defense Meritorious Service Medal.  Now, he is running for Congress in his home state of Florida.  Tune in to hear his incredible story and all about his never-ending drive to improve our nation with actions, not just words.  Then call in with your questions or comments and be a part of the show!


How’s Your Summer Been?  After a record-setting and exhausting winter, we have had some true summer days over the past few weeks, complete with high temperatures and hot, humid air.  As we close out the month of July, we want to hear from you!  How has your summer been?  Are you making the most of it after our nightmare winter?  Or are you missing the snow?  Call in and join the conversation!




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