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Rundown for September 22, 2017

Marisa DeFranco Is In For Dan



A Last-Ditch Health Care Debacle?  The Graham-Cassidy bill proposal has garnered attention for its significant ramifications such as the impact on state budgets, millions losing coverage and Medicaid being slashed. Governor Charlie Baker and Senator John McCain are against it, the democrats are uniformly opposed and Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has been outspoken on its weak merits. Furthermore, it affects the tug-of-war between the Democrats and Republican in the 2018 elections, with Republicans possibly ceding control of the House if nothing noteworthy is done on health care. Is ObamaCare too centralized and in need of this particular change? Do you buy into the solution of the Graham-Cassidy bill? Call in with your take and be heard!


What to Make of the Hillary Show?  Hillary Clinton’s memoir “What Happened” may spell out the true reasons, at least to her, on why she lost to Donald Trump. And, for a mere couple of thousands of dollars, you can obtain VIP access to her book tour. Hillary fan or not, Marisa will put Hillary under the scope, and detail why she actually lost and what Hillary should do instead of penning convenient literary coda. Are you put off by Hillary’s actions, or do we need to truly know ‘what happened’? Call in and let us know where you stand!


Stupid Things People Say!  What are some things that you have heard or seen online that qualify as outright stupid? Call in with your best take to enlighten NightSide Nation!







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