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Rundown for September 2, 2014


8PM – A Look At Massachusetts’ Sixth Congressional District!  Incumbent Congressman John Tierney was widely considered one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the country going into this year’s election.  As a result, his own party has offered two serious challengers before he even makes it to the general election in November.  Seth Moulton and Marisa DeFranco have both built strong grassroots campaigns over the last few months, and will make next Tuesday’s vote very interesting.  Though Congressman Tierney declined the invitation, Moulton and DeFranco join Dan in studio to talk about the race and why each believes they are the best choice for voters.  Do you think an incumbent can be defeated in a primary?  Would it be smart for Democrats to send a candidate with less baggage into the general election?  Does Washington experience still appeal to voters, or do they prefer political outsiders?  Tune in to hear the discussion, then call in with your questions or comments and be a part of the show!


10PM – ISIS Beheads Another American Journalist.  In another horrific video, ISIS has beheaded Steven Sotloff, an American journalist who was captured by extremists in Syria last summer.  The video, posted today, comes two weeks after the video of American James Foley being killed in a similar, brutal manner.  ISIS has promised that as long as airstrikes in Iraq continue, “our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people.”  Are we doing everything we can as a country to keep our people safe?  Has President Obama lost his credibility on the global stage?  Do you think this flare up in violence is tied to a more isolated foreign policy?  Call in and be heard!


11PM – Celeb Photo Scandal!  This is not the first time that a celebrity has had their personal cell phone or email hacked, and had explicit pictures leaked online.  But this is without a doubt the largest collection of pictures that has ever been stolen.  The hackers have supposedly acquired compromising pictures from one hundred celebrities, and have started slowly distributing them online.  Amy Alkon, an author who deals with modern ethics, joins NightSide to discuss the growing scandal, and whether there should be an expectation of privacy with anything that gets sent to the infamous “cloud”.  Tune in to hear her thoughts, then call in and give us yours!




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