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Rundown for December 18, 2014


Sony Pulls The Interview!  The Seth Rogen and James Franco movie “The Interview” is believed to be the reason that cyberterrorists recently attacked Sony, leaking personal emails and information out to the public.  The hackers also threatened major attacks on movie theaters that showed the film, which was supposed to open on Christmas Day.  After a number of theaters announced they would not show the movie, Sony decided not to release the film at all.  Some worry that this might set a bad precedent, encouraging more hackers to go after major companies or federal agencies.  Do you think pulling the movie was the right move?  Would you have gone to see it knowing there were threats made?  Call in and join the conversation!


Reopening The Door!  President Obama announced yesterday that the United States will take a new approach in dealing with Cuba.  Citing fifty years of an isolation policy that he says has not worked, the President said he would even discuss removing the embargo with Congress as these changes in policy unfold.  Supposedly, Pope Francis played a large role in bringing the United States and Cuba back to the negotiating table after half a century of severed diplomatic relations.  Are you onboard with the President’s plan to try to normalize relations between Cuba and the U.S.?  Do you see a potential downside to this change in policy?  Call in and sound off!


Safe To Say Merry Christmas?  Every year, we see schools and businesses bow down to the political correctness movement when giving out their holiday cheer.  “Happy holidays” has taken the place of “Merry Christmas” for many, and some consider Christmas parties or symbols an offensive promotion of religion.  One school in Cambridge even decided to disinvite Santa Claus from their annual holiday concert!  The Reverend Dr. John Tamilio III, philosophy professor at Salem State University, has some thoughts on the meaning of holiday greetings and how our society responds.  Call in and spread some holiday cheer!



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