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Rundown for May 28, 2015


Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack Is In Studio!  Stephanie Pollack, the Secretary of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, sits down with Dan to talk about a number of important issues.  She has an update on the pay-by-plate toll system that we talked about a few weeks ago, as well as the latest information on the ongoing efforts to improve the MBTA.  Tune in to get all the latest information, then call in with your questions or comments and be a part of the show!


Boston VA Healthcare Director Vincent Ng Stops By!  Back in 2013, the failures of the VA healthcare system across the country dominated headlines for weeks.  The story may have gone away since then, but the needs of our veterans have not.  Vincent Ng, the director of the VA Boston Healthcare system, is in studio to talk with Dan and to take your calls.  If you are a veteran or have one in your life, don’t miss this segment!  Call in and get your questions answered!


Tsarnaev Sentencing Date Announced!  On June 24, convicted Boston marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be officially sentenced to death.  Elsewhere, Nebraska legislators voted yesterday to override the governor’s veto, becoming the 19th state in the country to ban the death penalty.  Northeastern University Professor James Fox joins Dan to talk about the Tsarnaev verdict and the concept of capital punishment.  Do you believe in the death penalty?  Call in and add your voice to the mix!




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