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Rundown for April 24, 2015


Real Life Or James Bond Plot?  Hillary Clinton is getting slammed again, this time for a potential conflict of interest story involving her foundation.  The details are complicated, but the essential accusation is that Clinton used her power as Secretary of State to influence a Russian purchase of a company called Uranium One, in exchange for millions of dollars in donations to the Clintons’ foundation.  Tune in to hear all the details, then call in with your reactions!  Could this be the final straw in her already-damaged campaign?  Or is this story too complicated to make good ammo for the opposition?


A Game Of Their Own!  Did you know there was a United States Women’s National Baseball Team?  Not many do.  But despite not getting the buzz or recognition they would like, the team has medaled in every international competition for the last decade!  Jennifer Ring, author of “A Game Of Their Own”, Lilly Jacobson, member of the national team in 2006, 2008, and 2010, and Malaika Underwood, member of the team since 2006, all sit down with Dan to talk about women’s baseball in the U.S.  Call in with your questions or comments and be a part of the show!


Free Fare Day On The T!  To make up for this winter’s troubles, the MBTA made today a customer appreciation day, and all riders were able to ride for free.  But is that an effective use of the MBTA’s resources?  Does one day of free rides make up for an entire season of failure?  Transportation columnist Robin Washington sits down with Dan to talk about a free day on the T and to take your calls.  Are you hopeful the T can get back on track?  Did you ride for free today?  Call in and be heard!



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