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Rundown for April 15, 2014


One Year Ago.  Today marks the one year anniversary of the marathon bombing, and the Boston community held a number of events to pay tribute to those who suffered from the tragic attack.  As we approach next week’s marathon, what thoughts are on your mind?  Tune in to hear members of NightSide Nation talk about their perspective, then call in and give us yours.  Will you attend the race on Monday?  Were you at the race last year?  How long will these memories stay in our minds?  Will next year’s race carry the same weight?  Is it a good thing or a bad thing that we tend to forget tragedy so quickly?  Do you think the justice system should have fast-tracked Tsarnaev’s trial?  Why do we have to wait until November to see justice served?  Call in and join the conversation.


Concussion Awareness In Youth Sports.  Head injuries have become a priority in all of the major sports, with professional athletes and coaches taking more precautions than ever anytime it seems a concussion possibly occurred.  But how has this new attitude and approach trickled down to high school sports or youth sports?  When coaches are simply parents who have stepped up and volunteered, are they receiving the proper training to recognize and treat head injuries?  Neal McGrath is a nationally recognized neuropsychologist that specializes in sports concussions, and he is in studio along with Lisa Paradis, Director of Recreation in Brookline.  The two will talk with Dan about safety in youth sports, and how to make sure your children are protected.  Tune in to hear the latest on this important issue, then call in with your questions or comments and be a part of the show!




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