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California governor Jerry Brown is taking historic steps to deal with the state's major drought. CBS News correspondent Carter Evans explains what he's learned while covering the crisis.
Assistant district attorney reportedly made sterilization of women part of plea negotiations in some child abuse and neglect cases
A Florida man says he used his stylish Camaro to successfully pull out his 8-year-old son’s tooth.
CBS News' Parvati Shallow tells us what she learned after spending time with food blogger Vani Hari, of
Comedian and fellow "Daily Show" correspondent Aasif Mandvi has come to the defense of Jon Stewart's successor. New host Trevor Noah is facing a backlash over controversial tweets he posted in 2012.
Police in Australia have arrested a woman who allegedly flashed a car taking pictures for Google's Street View.
Eleven former Atlanta public school educators were convicted Wednesday of participating in a massive cheating conspiracy. Prosecutors say they changed students' scores on standardized tests dating back to 2005.
The couple was found dead in their home Tuesday by their 14-year-old son
The Chicago Cubs' Ernie Banks left years of memories with his fans; but when he died, he left behind a legal fight between his wife vs. his caretaker
After saying he would sign a bill on religious freedom without reservation, Gov. Asa Hutchinson has taken a step back, saying he wouldn't approve the newly passed bill in its current form.