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A woman shopping inside an Anthropologie store with her breastfeeding newborn was escorted to the bathroom to 'finish up.' The mother says the store is breaking the law. She posted the incident on Facebook and received hundreds of responses of support.
A new poll finds a majority doesn't support the nationwide reading and math standards backed by the Obama administration
Another monsoon surge from the south brought more rain to the Phoenix area, prompting a flash flood watch and several calls for water rescues. After a week's worth of rain, most areas were already saturated and could not handle the new influx of rainwater.
Firefighters tame blaze that led to mass evacuations around community near Yosemite National Park
A former Marine charged with murdering Erin Corwin, his alleged lover, admitted to researching human body disposal, police say
Suburban Chicago standoff began about 21 hours earlier when police responded to report of possible burglary
Browns coach Mike Pettine picks Brian Hoyer as starting quarterback over hotshot rookie
Tide turns in Ferguson, Missouri protests; how should U.S. react to purported ISIS beheading of American journalist?; and Phil Mickelson's military ties
Lawyer for Army sergeant who was held captive by Taliban for nearly five years talks about soldier's future
Bob McCulloch's deep family connections to police have been cited by some black leaders who question his ability to be impartial

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