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School chain accused of altering grades among for-profit colleges that got $1.7 billion in GI Bill benefits in 2012-2013, reports says
Sends geyser 30 feet in air, covers campus' famed arena's floor, inundates parking garages, strands dozens of cars; some people rescued
Missionary groups pulling out nonessential personnel and asking for prayers for two American aid workers stricken with the deadly virus
A massive water main break near the UCLA campus has sent water spouting high into the area and is soaking the surrounding area. The L.A. Fire Department has dispatched a rescue group to the area.
What the "blank slate" of a child's Social Security card offers identity thieves
The wealthy neighborhood surrounding UCLA is being flooded due to an unexplained breach of the city water system
Evacuation orders were lifted in the Yosemite blaze and some fire crew members were redeployed to fight another fire near Sacramento
The navigator of the plane that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, which led to the end of World War II, has died at the age of 93
Once-endangered gray seal population is rebounding; Cape Cod fishermen say there are now too many -- and they're taking all the fish
Since ​the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, nine states have passed laws allowing teachers to have firearms in school