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Weather Service issued severe thunderstorm warning almost half-hour before strong storm hit; 2 dead, more than 20 hurt
Suspect at large after running into nearby woods, police say
Former Navy officer Chris Ring is swimming down the Mississippi River to raise awareness of fallen service members
A chicken named Cecily is the scheduled to be the first hen to receive a prosthetic leg
Delta has announced a ban on freight shipments of endangered trophies
At least 2 are dead and 15 are injured after a tent collapsed in Lancaster, New Hampshire
A new study suggests that the temperature in your office might be biased towards men
Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY, and his cousin comedienne Amy Schumer unveiled new proposals to combat gun violence after a lone gunman opened fire at a showing of the actress' latest film
The full episode of the CBS Evening News from August 3, 2015 edition
Officials say 250 people were inside the tent when a strong storm knocked it down during a performance