By Cristy Maldonado

The thought of Willy Wonka’s gleaming chocolate river makes our mouths water and insides tingle. This Valentine’s Day (or any day, really), take your sweetie by the hand and create your own chocolate tour of Boston. Visit local gems making their own impressions in the chocolate scene, taste amazing treats, and delight your senses all at the same time.

tazochocolate tour1 A Chocolate Lover’s Guide To Boston

(credit: Rachel Leah Blumenthal)

Local, organic, artisanal chocolate can be found in Somerville at Taza Chocolate. Made Mexican style, the chocolate is ground using stone mills to create a rustic texture different from other chocolate. For $5, you can tour the factory and watch the chocolate making process from start to finish. At the end of the tour, savor the opportunity to sample traditional Mexican flavors including spiced chili or salt and pepper. You can also make purchases from the factory store.



The brain child of Harvard MBA students, Finale opened in the late 1990’s and has been a mainstay in the Boston dessert scene ever since. Finale offers high-end treats any time you want them – and not just at the end of a fancy meal. If dining at the restaurant is not an option, visit the bakery, and take home a dessert. You’re sweetie will appreciate the surprise.

milk chocolate pumpkin2 A Chocolate Lover’s Guide To Boston

The Langham Hotel Boston

Now in it’s 23rd year, the Chocolate Bar at the Langham Hotel continues to delight guests with unimaginable, chocolate inspired treats. Held every Saturday September through June, guests can enjoy all kinds of confections both sweet and savory. If your chocolate cravings are near to insatiable, this experience is for you. You just might have to stay overnight to cure your chocolate hangover.

hotelchocolat A Chocolate Lover’s Guide To Boston


Boston Chocolate Tours

Tours and Workshops: (781) 784-7469
Private Events: (617) 600-4460

Are you a chocolate lover who also has a taste for history?  Let an expert from Boston Chocolate Tours be your guide throughout the city noting local delights and festivals or take a class and learn how to do it yourself.   Locations and tours vary by the season, so use the website to review options and to contact the company.  Check out our complete guide to the Best Boston Walking Tours.

Cristy Maldonado is a Boston-based blogger in constant pursuit of fun activities in the city. Read more of her work at Get Out: Planning an Urban Safari In Boston.

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