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A mother and daughter were trapped in an overturned car on a New Hampshire highway and they were rescued by Good Samaritans and State Police Tuesday evening.
A man linked to a gun used to kill a university police officer days after the Boston Marathon bombings told police he smoked marijuana every day because, in his words, "my best friend was the bomber," according to court documents.
Market Basket protesters plan to hold their final rally on Friday in Tewksbury, according to group organizers.
Mako sharks are smaller and are often caught for sport, but they are also good to eat.
The teen charged with killing his teacher last year after following her into a bathroom similarly followed a worker at a youth detention facility into a locker room last month before choking and beating her, prosecutors said Wednesday.
The bill would let police disperse groups substantially impeding access to abortion clinics.
Good news for New York! Late Show with Stephen Colbert isn't going anywhere.
Gov. Deval Patrick says there remains considerable misunderstanding about the state's offer to shelter unaccompanied children from Central America crossing the nation's southern border.
Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was happy to talk about football on Wednesday, but he wanted no part in talking about Aaron Hernandez.
Several days of peaceful protests at Market Basket supermarkets around New England were interrupted by an arrest in New Hampshire.