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A man who confessed to robbing and killing Karen Colclough this week near a beach in northern Nicaragua has been arrested, authorities said Wednesday.
Boston Police Commissioner William Evans says patrols will be stepped up because of Tuesday night's incident.
State officials say the polar plunge challenge is spreading over social media.
A Wakefield man was ordered held on $100,000 bail Wednesday on several charges connected to a bomb scare at the finish line of the Boston Marathon Tuesday.
In a move raising eyebrows around the city, Walsh is refusing to divulge details of an offer he's made in a contract seen as key to Boston's financial footing and hopes for reform within the fire department.
Researchers found that the most gender expressive teens were more ikely to engage in cancer risk behaviors.
A local company is part of a second breakthrough in regeneration of human body parts.
The family of a Wakefield man charged in a bomb scare at the finish line of the Boston Marathon Tuesday is apologizing for his actions.
Organizers and law enforcement officials are urging Boston Marathon spectators to leave backpacks and other bags at home. They also say crowds will be limited at the finish line where two bombs exploded a year ago.
Scientists at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital have found marijuana is bad for the brain.