Latest Health News

Amazon, Buffett, JP Morgan Health Care Company To Be Based In BostonThe new health care company being formed by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, billionaire investor Warren Buffett and JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon will be based in Boston.
Light Drinking May Prolong Your LifeEnjoying a cocktail from time to time may be good for your health.
Not All Screen Time Bad Is For Kids?Researchers found that some types of screen time are associated with positive effects.
Smoking Rates In U.S. Hit All-Time Low, CDC SaysAbout 14 percent of U.S adults admit to being smokers last year, down from about 16 percent in 2016, government figures from the CDC show.
Weight Loss Improves Knee Arthritis Symptoms, Study SaysDoctors often recommend that overweight patients with arthritis of the knee lose weight to improve their pain and function, but how much weight loss makes a difference?
WHO Classifies 'Gaming Disorder' As Mental Health ConditionThe WHO announced 'gaming disorder' as a new mental health condition to be included in the latest edition of its International Classification of Diseases on Monday.
Flavored E-Cigarettes Can Damage Blood Vessels, BU Report SaysResearchers at the Boston University School of Medicine say e-cigarettes may pose significant health risks.
Do Religious People Live Longer? New Study Says YesResearchers found that people with a religious affiliation lived almost four years longer than those without.
Feeling Hangry? Study Says It's A Real ThingHave you ever found yourself getting angry after not eating food for a long time? It turns out that being "hangry" is a legitimate condition.
Frozen Orange Juice May Be Healthier Than Fresh SqueezedResearchers in Spain say frozen orange juice is healthier for you than squeezed.