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Soaking In Hot Tub Could Be Beneficial For Women Suffering From PCOSResearchers studied six women with polycystic ovary syndrome and found that when they soaked in a hot tub they experienced health benefits.
Doctors Urge Women To Get Checked In 'Fourth Trimester' Of PregnancyPregnancies are usually divided into three trimesters, but experts say don't forget the "fourth trimester" or the three months after a woman gives birth.
Heavy Drinking Could Increase 'Bad' Bacteria In Mouth, Study FindsPeople who drink more than the recommended daily limit of alcohol may harbor an unhealthy mix of bacteria in their mouths, a new study suggests.
Diet Soda, Sweeteners Can Still Cause Diabetes, Study FindsA study of rats has revealed that artificial sweeteners, commonly used in zero-calorie sodas, actually did as much harm to the body as a high-sugar diet.
Doctors Warned About Prescribing Sedatives And OpioidsOpioids can be risky when taken alone, but when taken with sedatives called benzodiazepines, the combination can be particularly dangerous.
Strength-Training Can Help Older Women With AgingWould you like to ward off the effects of aging? Strength-training may do the trick.
Injured Veteran Receives First Total Penis, Scrotum TransplantThe Johns Hopkins reconstructive surgery team has successfully performed the first total penis and scrotum transplant in the world.
CDC Expands Warning In E. Coli Outbreak From Arizona Lettuce The Centers for Disease Control is expanding a warning about contaminated lettuce from Arizona that has now sickened dozens of people in several states.
Parkinson's Survivor Turns Artwork Into Therapy, BusinessHis artwork came out of boredom, but turned into therapy and is now a business for a Millbury man with a serious illness.
Feminine Hygiene Products Could Be Doing More Harm Than GoodResearchers find feminine hygiene products could be leading to more infections and could be disturbing the normal distribution of bacteria.