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Barry Burbank

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WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

1 Storm Leads To Another

One storm leads to another and the next hit is timed for Tuesday. Present extrapolation places the snow breaking out over eastern MA near the end of the morning commute. Most of the snow will fall in the period of 10AM to 4PM.


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

Close Call

Despite the dire warnings that are out there for parts of the region from tonight’s storm, I am pretty much convinced that this system isn’t going to deliver much of a blow except perhaps parts of southeastern MA including Cape Cod.


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

Split Decision

There is a split decision regarding forecast confidence this week. It runs from high the first half to low the second half. By late tomorrow to early Tuesday, there should be more clarification for the period of Thursday through Saturday. The reason for the uncertainty stems from conflicting signals and inconsistency from the model guidance due to a busy atmosphere that is loaded with multiple perturbations.


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

Looking Back And Looking Ahead

Looking back, all of the stops were pulled out leading into it. It was the real deal. One year ago today, the Blizzard of 2013 started and it ended the next day on the 9th. It featured mammoth amounts of snow and damaging winds of 40-80 mph which produced considerable coastal flooding, wave battery, beach erosion and power outages.


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

Evening Revision

On this Groundhog Day, February 2nd, it turned out even a few degrees higher than I had predicted. Instead of 50, it surged to 52-55 in many areas. It reached 55 at Logan Airport and that ties the record high for this date set in 1988!


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

Eye On Many Movers

Enjoy today’s near 50 degrees under a milky sky with filtered sunshine through the high cloudiness. Lingering fog on the South Coast should break up as an axis of rain showers slithers into areas farther northwest of Boston this afternoon.


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

New Month, New Weather Pattern

January is finished and we all know it was a wild month featuring huge swings in temperature and above average snowfall. For Boston, there were 15 days when the temperature never reached 32 degrees but, on the flip side, there were 5 days over 50 degrees!


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

The Rise And Fall Ahead

January has been roller coaster month. With the crazy ups and downs, it’s like being on the Corksrew Coaster at Canobie Lake Park or on the Expedition Everest train at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Hang on tight! After yesterday’s “balmy” weather with highs flirting with 4o in many locations, the temperatures were nearly cut in half today with highs of only 20-23 degrees!


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

More Ups And Downs

It’s shocking to me that the mean temperature for this month is only 1 degree below average. Are you surprised as well? My memory is all about a focus on the repetitive attacks of arctic air. I seem to have blocked out the thaw on January 11-15 and I am thinking about the crazy spike in heating demand this winter.