“Driving in Boston is like driving on the surface of the moon.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Rob At The Model Café In Allston

“There is nothing more American than driving an American made car.” – Rob and his Jeep Rangler Rubicon


“I like the boxy look of it.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Rachael In The Channel Center

“I love that it’s a monster and it protects me.” – Rachael and her Jeep Commander


“We’re all Prius.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Andrea At Bentley University

“Owning the Prius is a symbol of doing the right thing for the environment.” – Andrea and her Toyota Prius


“When you get in it, the seats just seem to give you a nice hug.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Pam In Quincy Looking Out Over The Water

“Two of my goals as a kid were to own my own house and drive a Mercedes.” – Pam and her Mercedes SLK 350


“It pretty much has the same engine that’s in a Honda Civic.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Phillipo At Fenway Park

“It looks like a cruiser, but it actually is a sports bike.” – Phillipo and his Chopper


“It gives you more thrill driving, like you’re part of the machine."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Mike In Charlestown

“Give me the cheapest car you have. That’s all I care about. “ – Mike and his Toyota Matrix


“It has heated seats and a heated steering wheel."


“I’m really into design, which is probably why I have Mercedes.” – Gary and his Mercedes C300


”This car is so bright. You can find it in a dark parking lot.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Lisa At Pleasure Bay

“I chose the Ford because I’ve always had a lot of luck with Fords.” – Lisa and her Ford Focus


“The smart car is not really meant to be driven by an Argentinian.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Nelson At The Charles River

“I’m from Argentina where driving is like breathing. It is very simple.” – Nelson and his Passion Coupe Smart


"My daughter calls the Vibe 'Mommy's car.'"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Latease At Franklin Park

“I’m a mom, but I’m not your soccer mom. I like to go out with the girls.” – Latease and her Pontiac Vibe