Before The Bell

Before The Bell With Dave Caruso

Dave Caruso says watching the Dow could provide hints as to what's happenng in Greece
Dave Caruso doesn't see Greece's problems spreading through Europe.

Big Economic Numbers Week Ahead

As expected, the Dow opens down on news from Greece.

Consmer Sentiment Up

Christine Armstrong, in for Dave, reports the market is shaking off bad news overseas

Jobless Claims Up Slightly

Dave Caruso reports even with jobless claims up, spending income and savings are up too.

Busy Day On Wall Street

Dave Caruso reports on housing news and the dow in triple digit positive territory

Stocks Opening Up

Dave Caruso reports on existing home sales and a possible deal for Greece.
Dave Caruso reports on good news from the Fed and the NASDAQ

Market Stedily Improving

Christine Armstrong, in for Dave reports on a drop in the weekly jobless claims.

Will Interest Rates Rise?

Dave gives his take on if interest rates will go up this month

Housing Numbers Out

Dave Caruso reports housing starts down, but he says to take it in stride.

Rocky Start On Wall Street

Dave Caruso on a triple digit down day for the Dow.

Dow Off To Start Friday

Christine Armstrong, in for Dave, reports on an increase in gas prices and mortgage rates

Market Back In Positive Territory

Dave Caruso reports on some decent economic numbers this morning.

Market Opens Up A Bit

Dave has stock news from Netflix.