Gresh and Zolak

Gresh and Zolak

Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak heard weekdays from 10am to 2pm on 98.5 The Sports Hub.
  • Friday, January 23rd
  • Former NFL QB Jim Miller

    Gresh & Zo had on former Patriots and NFL QB Jim Miller Friday afternoon. He thinks this DeflateGate thing is complete and utter nonsense.
  • Super Bowl Matchups With Albert Breer

    Finally some talk about the actual game! Gresh & Zo were joined by the NFL Network's Albert Breer in studio Friday to, at last, talk about the actual game.
  • DeflateGate National Perspective With Albert Breer

  • Francesa Weighs In On Brady DeflateGate Presser

    Gresh & Zo react.
  • When Will DeflateGate Investigation Wrap Up?

    Gresh & Zo discuss.
  • DeflateGate On A National Stage

    Gresh & Zo discuss the media circus.
  • Thursday, January 22nd
  • Billy Jaffe Cont'd

    More of Billy Jaffe on Gresh & Zo from Thursday afternoon...
  • Jaffe On NHL East: No Big Difference Between 1 & 8 Seed

    NESN's Billy Jaffe joined Gresh & Zolak in studio Thursday afternoon for his weekly visit.
  • Seahawks Scouting Report

    Gresh & Zolak reveal their keys to the game after watching some tape on Seattle.
  • Belichick Responds To DeflateGate

    Gresh & Zolak react to Belichick's press conference from earlier.
  • Wednesday, January 21st
  • Mike Pereira Says DeflateGate Is Cheating

    Gresh & Zo weigh in.
  • How Big A Deal Is DeflateGate?

    Gresh & Zolak discuss.
  • What Should DeflateGate Punishment Be?

    Everybody has an opinion, but what should the punishment really be? Gresh & Zo discuss.
  • DeflateGate Plot Thickens

    Gresh & Zolak discuss.
  • Montage: DeflateGate

    Take a listen!
  • Tuesday, January 20th
  • 2014 Patriots Better Than 2007?

    Gresh & Zolak discuss an article by Greg Bedard.
  • Wilfork Story Getting Spun?

    Gresh explains.
  • Sports Illustrated Article About Patriots 'Beyond Comical'

    Gresh & Zolak discuss.
  • Monday, January 19th
  • Tom Brady Sr. Talks About TB12's Future

    Listen in! Gresh & Zo react as well.
  • Seahawks Win The NFC

    Gresh & Zo discuss.

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