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  • Thursday, August 27th
  • Felger & Massarotti: August 27, 2015 - Hour 2

    During hour 2, Michael Hurley, of, joined Mazz and Murray to discuss the latest developments between Tom Brady and the NFL. They also take a look at what the Patriots have to work with in their secondary and what Devin McCourty’s role could be this season.
  • Felger & Massarotti: August 27, 2015 - Hour 1

    In hour 1, Mazz and Jim Murray, who filled in for Felger, kicked off the show talking football and previewing the third preseason game for the Patriots. We know what Tom Brady can do, so should Jimmy Garoppolo get the majority of first team reps as QB tomorrow night? Mazz thinks that if Brady plays more than Garoppolo, then it’s a mistake.
  • IK Ekempali Got Catfished

    This has not been a great month for Bills' linebacker IK Ekempali. After breaking former teammate Geno Smith's jaw in the locker room, Ekempali is back in the headlines after hitting someone who had catfished him back in 2011. Zolak and Bertrand react to this ridiculous story.
  • How Long Does Belichick Have Left?

    With one of the best coaching careers in NFL history, Bill Belichick has cemented himself as a Hall of Fame caliber coach. So, Zolak and Bertrand debate how they see coach Belichick's career ending and when that may happen.
  • Are All Prospects In Play For Red Sox?

    With the Red Sox basically out of contention for the playoffs, they have been playing their prospects who have been playing pretty well as of late. Zolak and Bertrand talk about whether or not the Red Sox should keep these young players or trade them when their value is high.
  • Devin McCourty Has A Change Of Heart

    Felger & Mazz talk about Devin McCourty's change of heart about playing corner, but don't think it's a good move for the Patriots defense.
  • August 27th, Hour 4

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, Darren McKee joins the program from Denver, Adolfo details his move to Cambridge, and the guys run through The Stack.
  • Will Dombrowski Keep Farrell Next Year?

    With new President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski taking control of the team, his job is to evaluate the entire team and start reshaping the culture of the Red Sox. Zolak and Bertrand talk about Farrell's job security and how that could be affected by his recent health scare.
  • Will Reggie Wayne Have A Big Impact On The Patriots?

    With the recent signing of veteran wide receiver Reggie Wayne, the Patriots seemed to have bolstered their receiving crew. Listen in as Zolak and Bertrand talk on how they see Reggie Wayne contributing to the team this year.
  • August 27th, Hour 3

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, the guys play 'Guess Who's Running For President.' Dave Richard dispenses fantasy football advice, and Adolfo discusses his big move.
  • August 27th, Hour 2

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, it's time for a trip to the Armpits of America. The Boston Globe's Jim McBride also discusses the Patriots.
  • August 27th, Hour 1

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, the guys discuss the Foo Fighters' Sonic Highways, recap last night's Red Sox win, and discuss the disturbing accusations against Derrick Rose.
  • How Much Should Brady Play On Friday

    With the third preseason game against the Panthers being played on Friday night, the Patriots are preparing themselves for their most important game so far. Zolak and Bertrand discuss how much Tom Brady should see in what is likely the starters' last game before the regular season.
  • Pre-Draft Fantasy Football Advice From Dave Richard

    CBS Fantasy Football expert Dave Richard joined Toucher & Rich on Thursday to give owners a few sleeper picks, and a word of caution when it comes to drafting a quarterback.
  • Armpits Of America: Man Finds Severed Leg In Grill, Becomes A Star

    In the latest edition of "Armpits of America," Toucher & Rich head down to North Carolina where a man has become a media sensation after finding a severed leg in a grill he bought at auction. But that is just scratching the surface of this wild story.
  • Should Brady or Garoppolo Get More Snaps Friday Night?

    Adam Jones and Rich Keefe discussed how the Patriots should spilt the snaps for Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo in Friday night’s pre-season game against the Carolina Panthers.
  • Keefer Madness: August 26th, 2015

    It’s a Keefer Review in the return of the Madness as Rich Keefe reviews Madden NFL 16.
  • Doug Kyed from NESN Calls In Patriots beat reporter Doug Kyed joined the Adam Jones Show to help preview Friday night’s pre-season game against the Carolina Panthers. The guys touched on how long Tom Brady should play, the Devin McCourty corner experiment from the last game, and potential roster cuts.
  • The Game of Jones: August 26th, 2015

    Adam Jones and Rich Keefe play the Game of Jones on a Would You Rather Wednesday.
  • Richard Deitsch from Sports Illustrated Calls In

    Sports Illustrated media columnist Richard Deitsch called in to the Adam Jones Show to discuss NESN’s decision to let Don Orsillo go at the end of the 2015 Red Sox season.
  • Wednesday, August 26th
  • How Much Longer will Bill Belichick be the Head Coach of the Patriots?

    Adam Jones opened Wednesday’s show discussing how long Bill Belichick wants to be the head coach of the Patriots. Belichick in the past has said he doesn’t want to be coaching at 70, but recent promos released for the NFL Network special “Do Your Job” may suggest he has changed his feelings on that.
  • The Baseball Reports: August 26, 2015

    In tonight's Baseball Reporters, they talk Don Orsillo, what the Red Sox should do for pitchers and what direction they should go in.
  • Felger & Massarotti: August 26, 2015 - Hour 4

    In the 4th and final hour, Felger and Mazz took some Red Sox calls and went back to dissect the break up between NESN and Don Orsillo. And of course, we’ve got The Final Word!
  • Felger & Massarotti: August 26, 2015 - Hour 3

    In the 4:00 hour, Felger and Mazz switched gears and talked some football. They discussed Devin McCourty’s role – after the development he went through at safety, the Patriots want to try him out at cornerback? Mazz doesn’t blame McCourty for being agitated. They also looked at the latest episode of Hard Knocks with the Houston Texans, featuring Bill O’Brien, Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett.
  • Felger & Massarotti: August 26, 2015 - Hour 2

    During hour 2, the Sox talk continued. When is it time to clean house? Is it time to cut ties with Pedroia and Ortiz? If they are trying to start something with a new wave of players, who stays and who goes?
  • Felger & Massarotti: August 26, 2015 - Hour 1

    In hour one, Felger and Mazz kicked off the show talking Red Sox and the Hanley Ramirez experiment. They also share their latest thoughts on NESN not bringing back Don Orsillo as the voice of their Red Sox telecasts.
  • DeflateGate At An Impasse

    With the Patriots season opener only two weeks away, QB Tom Brady is still suspended for four games with no updates coming out of the court case in multiple days. Listen in as Zolak and Bertrand discuss what could be happening behind the scenes and how likely it is that Tom Brady could be playing Week 1.
  • Bonus Read And React: Wednesday Edition

    With the NFL preseason in full swing, Hardy brings Zolak and Bertrand up to date on some recent storylines in the NFL this week. The topcis cover a coach giving a detailed injury report, Peyton Manning saying he has no feeling in his fingertips, and Bill O'Brien naming his starting QB.
  • Football Hit Hard By ACL Injuries In Preseason

    With the NFL preseason already halfway over, the amount of ACL tears once again has been quite surprising. Zolak and Bertrand debate what could be causing these terrible injuries and if anything can be done to decrease the chances of players tearing their ACL before the regular season even starts.
  • August 26th, Hour 4

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, former Sox sideline reporter Jenny Dell talks about Don Orsillo and NESN, the guys replay some highlights from Hard Knocks and then go through The Stack.
  • August 26th, Hour 3

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, Mike "Behind The Mic" Callahan and Sarge make their case to the next Red Sox play-by-play man, Peter Abraham discusses the Red Sox, and the guys share some sound from the upcoming "Do Your Job" documentary.
  • August 26th, Hour 2

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, the guys replay the Sally Jenkins interview, and Fred criticizes anyone who can't talk himself out of getting busted with an Ashley Madison account.
  • August 26th, Hour 1

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, The Jagr makes an early appearance, the guys talk about bugging celebrities and also discuss Curt Schilling's ESPN suspension.
  • Sean McAdam Reacts To Orsillo Leaving NESN Booth

    With Don Orsillo out of the NESN play by play job after the season, Sean McAdam of reacts to the decision to let Orsillo go. Zolak, Bertrand and Sean McAdam debate the impact it will have on the ratings as well as the personality of the Red Sox TV announcing crew.
  • Sean McAdam On Hanley Practicing At First Base

    Due to the Red Sox recent success when playing their young outfield prospects like Rusney Castillo and Jackie Bradley Jr., Hanley Ramirez may need to swqitch positions in order to keep the best lineup available for the Sox, Listen in as Zolak and Bertrand talk with Sean McAdam of on if Sox fans will be seeing Ramirez at first base during the last month of the season.
  • Jenny Dell On Don Orsillo's Dismissal From NESN

    Jenny Dell, who spent two seasons as a Red Sox sideline reporter at NESN, joined Toucher & Rich on Wednesday to talk about NESN's decision to part ways with Don Orsillo at the end of the season.
  • Don Orsillo Is Out At NESN

    With the news breaking that Don Orsillo will be replaced after this season, the public reaction has been very negative towards the decision. Listen in as Zolak and Bertrand debate the move by NESN and their thoughts on Don Orsillo.
  • NESN Parting Ways with Don Orsillo

    Adam Jones and Marshall Hook discussed the reports that NESN is parting ways with play by play man Don Orsillo at the end of the 2015 season.
  • Mike Chappell from CBS 4 in Indianapolis Calls In

    CBS 4 Colts reporter Mike Chappell called in to the Adam Jones Show to discuss the Reggie Wayne signing, and how Colts fans have been taking the news.
  • The Game of Jones: August 25th, 2015

    Adam Jones and Marshall Hook play the Game of Jones on an Over/Under Tuesday.
  • Kevin Duffy from Mass Live Calls In

    Mass Live Patriots beat writer Kevin Duffy joined the Adam Jones Show to discuss the latest from Patriots practice on Tuesday including the introduction of Reggie Wayne, Devin McCourty returning to safety, and more.
  • Positive Developments at Patriots Practice Today

    Adam Jones discussed Devin McCourty’s return to safety at practice on Tuesday afternoon, and hopes that it means the experiment at cornerback is officially over. Jones and Marshall Hook also talked about Julian Edelman, who seems ready to return to the field after meeting with the media earlier in the day.
  • Tuesday, August 25th
  • Red Sox Finally Trying Out Hanley Ramirez at First

    Adam Jones opened Tuesday’s show talking about the Red Sox decision to try and transition Hanley Ramirez from Left Field to First Base. Jones and Marshall Hook listened to some of his pre-game comments on the move and they don’t think he’s taking the move seriously.
  • Baseball Reporters - August 25

    In Tuesday's edition of Baseball Reporters, Mazz discusses Hanley Ramirez working out at 1st base, and reacts to Sox front office shakeup and the pending departure of Don Orsillo.
  • August 25 - Hour 4

    In the fourth and final hour, the guys continue to discuss Hanley Ramirez and the impending departure of Don Orsillo. They also discuss Mazz's vacation to Montana. Then, it's the Final Word with Jim Murray
  • August 25 - Hour 3

    In hour 3, Felger and Mazz continue to discuss the Red Sox and a potential move by Hanley Ramirez to first base. The guys also break down the performances of Jimmy Garoppolo and Devin McCourty in the preseason.
  • August 25 - Hour 2

    In the second hour of the show, Felger and Mazz discuss the end of Don Orsillo's stint at NESN, catch up on the latest developments in Deflategate and wonder what Curt Schilling was thinking with his latest social media posts.
  • August 25 - Hour 1

    Felger and Mazz are both back for their first show together in a week. Mazz shares his thoughts on the Dave Dombrowski hire, recent strong play by Jackie Bradley Jr. and the biggest needs he must address for the Red Sox this upcoming offseason.
  • Another 'Do Your Job' Preview

    More extras have emerged from the upcoming 'Do Your Job' video documenting the 2014 New England Patriots. Zo, Beetle and Dan Shaughnessy react to some of the exclusive audio.
  • Jon Heyman, MLB Insider

    Jon Heyman of checked in with Zo, Bertrand and Shaughnessy to give his take on the Red Sox hiring of Dave Dombrowski, and other notes from the Sox and around the league.
  • Shaughnessy on Kraft Player Discipline Comments

    Dan Shaughnessy from The Boston Globe gives his thoughts on Jonathan Kraft's comments regarding player discipline penalties that he made during Saturdays Patriots pregame show .
  • August 25, Hour 4

    In this hour of Toucher & Rich, Kevin Millar joins the show to discuss the state of the Red Sox. Fred also almost loses it when he hears the Red Sox will be hosting a Grateful Dead night at Fenway Park.
  • August 25, Hour 3

    In this hour of Toucher & Rich, The Washington Post's Sally Jenkins joined the show to discuss her take on DeflateGate. Adolfo also comes on to talk about his upcoming move.
  • August 25, Hour 2

    In this hour of Toucher & Rich, The Boston Herald's Jeff Howe joins the show to talk about the Patriots depth chart at a few key positions. They also call the Hot Take police on Gregg Doyle, who has a problem with Reggie Wayne signing with New England.
  • August 25, Hour 1

    Toucher & Rich kick off Tuesday's show talking about an old intern's obsession with the Batman movies. They also talk about Rusney Castillo's big night for the Red Sox, and what receiver Reggie Wayne can bring to the New England Patriots.
  • Dan Shaughnessy on Cris Carter's 'fall guy' Comments

    Dan Shaughnessy from The Boston Globe joined Zolak and Bertrand and gave his thoughts on Cris Carter's comments from the NFL Rookie Symposium, but started off with a story about one of his trips to New Orleans.
  • How Much Does Reggie Wayne Have Left?

    Zo and Bertrand discuss the signing of former Colt Reggie Wayne and how much he has left to offer the Patriots decimated receiving core.
  • Beetle Doesn't Think Cris Carter's 'fall guy' Comments Were Off Base

    Zo and Bertrand were back together on Tuesday and started the show rehashing some of their thoughts on Cris Carter's comments at the 2014 Rookie Symposium, which had Bertrand wondering why there was so much outrage surrounding Carter's remarks.
  • Jeff Howe On Patriots' Depth At Receiver

    The Boston Herald's Jeff Howe joined Toucher & Rich on Tuesday to discuss their collection of injured receivers, passing along some good news on the Julian Edelman and Aaron Dobson front, as well as what Reggie Wayne could bring to the team.
  • The Washington Post's Sally Jenkins Joins Toucher & Rich To Discuss DeflateGate

    The Washington Post's Sally Jenkins has been very critical of the NFL throughout the whole DeflateGate mess, and joined Toucher & Rich on Tuesday to discuss a few potential "fatal flaws" in the league's case against Tom Brady.