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  • Friday, September 4th
  • Falcons' Owner Talks About DeflateGate

    With the DeflateGate ruling finally coming out, reaction around the NFL is going to either support or cirticize the findings. Listen in as Jones and Flynn debate what Falcons' owner Arthur Blank had to say about the court ruling this Thursday.
  • September 4, Hour 4

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, the guys continue talking about the end of DeflateGate and fans call in to express their relief and leftover anger.
  • September 4, Hour 3

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, Adolfo talks to fans at Gillette Stadium, and Michael Hurley takes a DeflateGate victory lap,
  • September 4, Hour 1

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, Rich Keefe fills in for Fred, and Judge Berman's ruling against the NFL rules the day. The guys break down the ruling and take some calls on Tom Brady.
  • September 4, Hour 2

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, the guys replay Jonathan Kraft's pregame interview, Albert Breer discusses the Judge Berman ruling in detail, and then the Hot Take Police had to come for Gregg Doyel.
  • Goodell May Not Come To Foxboro Opening Night

    After the debaucle that was DeflateGate, commissioner Roger Goodell isn't necessarily in the good graces of Patriots's fans. Listen in as Jones and Flynn talk whether or not Roger Goodell will show his face come opening night.
  • DeflateGateMontage

    It's finally over, and Toucher & Rich bring you the perfect wrap-up of DeflateGate.
  • Michael Hurley Continues DeflateGate Victory Lap

    Michael Hurley discussed Roger Goodell not attending the season opener and much more in the wake of Judge Berman's Decision.
  • Should The Patriots Go After NFL

    After Judge Berman nullified the Brady suspension, New England fans have to wonder if the Patriots will try to take action and nullify their punishment as well. Jones and Flynn discuss the potential of the Patriots taking action and how likely they are to get back their fines and picks.
  • Zolak Calls In To Talk Brady

    With Adam Jones and Mike Flynn filling in for Zolak and Bertrand, Zolak calls in to his program to discuss his thoughts on the Brady court case ruling.
  • MIchael Hurley's DeflateGate Victory Lap

    CBS Boston's Michael Hurley joined Toucher & Rich to celebrate being right about DeflateGate.
  • Albert Breer Discusses Judge Berman's Ruling

    NFL Network's Albert Breer discussed the impact that Judge Berman's ruling will have on the NFL.
  • Thursday, September 3rd
  • Jonathan Kraft Interview

    Jonathan Kraft joins the show to talk about Tom Brady's win in court.
  • Bill Belichick Interview

    Scott Zolak interviews Bill Belichick about tonight's preseason matchup with the Giants.
  • Bob Socci and Scott Zolak Interview

    Bob Socci and Scott Zolak join us from the booth to discuss tonight's fourth and final preseason game.
  • Scott Gramling Interview

    Scott Gramling joins the show for his weekly Fantasy Football segment.
  • Jeff Howe Interview

    Jeff Howe joins the show to talk about the Brady ruling and the game tonight.
  • Bert Breer Interview

    Bert Breer of NFL Network joins the show to discuss Brady and the Patriots.
  • Andy Hart Interview

    Andy Hart of Patriots Football Weekly joins the show to dicuss the Brady ruling and the team's last preseason game.
  • Felger & Massarotti: September 3, 2015 - Hour 3

    Felger and Mazz wrapped up the day taking more calls on the latest Deflate-gate ruling. After this, how much more can Roger Goodell take as NFL commissioner?
  • Felger & Massarotti: September 3, 2015 - Hour 2

    In hour 2 of Felger and Mazz, they continued taking calls on Tom Brady and the Deflate-Gate ruling. Mazz also shared some hate tweets that he received throughout the day.
  • Felger & Massarotti: September 3, 2015 - Hour 1

    It was a big win for Tom Brady and the Patriots, as Judge Berman vacated Tom Brady’s 4-game Deflate-Gate suspension. Felger & Mazz took calls from listeners who wanted to share their thoughts on the huge news.
  • September 3, Hour 4

    In this hour of Toucher & Rich, the guys hold a T&R Draft of the best mob/gangster movies and dive into The Stack.
  • September 3, Hour 3

    In this hour of Toucher & Rich, Dave Richard calls in to talk fantasy football and the guys mash up "Armpits of America" with guest host Rich Keefe's "Keefer Madness".
  • September 3, Hour 2

    In this hour of Toucher & Rich, they replay hilarious Marshawn Lynch audio and talk Patriots.
  • September 3, Hour 1

    In this hour of Toucher & Rich, the guys go over yesterday's events and touch on the wife of the Redskins GM making inflammatory remarks.
  • NFL and Goodell Filing Appeal of Judges Decision

    As expected, Roger Goodell and the NFL filed an appeal of the Brady ruling. Jones and Flynn react to this latest development.
  • Sports Attorney Daniel Wallach Weighs in on Brady Decision

    Sports attorney Daniel Wallach joined Jones and Flynn to give his take on the big news of the day, the suspension of Tom Brady being nullified by Judge Richard Berman
  • Zo Calls in to React to the Brady News

    In preparation for the game tonight, Jones and Flynn were filling in for Zo and Beetle, but we still heard from Zolak as he called in and reacted to the huge win for Tom Brady in the DeflateGate case
  • Breaking News as Tom Brady's suspension is Nullified

    Adam Jones and Mike Flynn, in for Zo and Bertrand, react to the breaking news that we have all been waiting for as the four-game suspension for Tom Brady has been nullified by Judge Richard Berman!
  • T&R Draft: Best Mob/Gangster Movie Of All Time

    With Rich Keefe filling in for Fred, the guys run a T&R Draft for the best mob/gangster movie of all time.
  • Erik Frenz of

    Erik Frenz of and Bleacher Report joins the show to discuss the upcoming Pats-Giants game, Brady's play this preseason and what team is the biggest threat to New England in the division.
  • Game of Jones

    In Wednesday's edition of Game of Jones, it's would you rather Wednesday. Adam takes his pick on who should be starting at 2nd base for Red Sox next year, watching preseason games and whether it's tougher to be a Jets or Redskins fan.
  • Phil Perry -

    Phil Perry of joins Adam to discuss Brady's recent play, the final Pats cuts of the preseason, and the latest in deflategate.
  • Should Tom Brady play vs. Giants?

    Adam discusses whether Tom Brady will suit up for the Pats final preseason game Thursday night against the Giants. Is he better off getting some action after a tough preseason or should the team sit him out?
  • Wednesday, September 2nd
  • Tom Brady Feeling the Pressures of Deflategate?

    Adam opens Wednesday's show by taking a closer look at recent stories involving the stress Tom Brady is feeling in all aspects of his life. How heavily is deflategate weighing on his marriage and play on the field? Is he close to his breaking point?
  • Baseball Reporters

    In tonight’s Baseball Reporters, Tony Mazz talked about the Red Sox and their future. Which young guys are worth keeping and what are they going to do to get some solid pitchers into the rotation?
  • Felger & Massarotti: Hour 4

    In the 4th and final hour, Felger and Mazz wrapped up the day with some Red Sox thoughts and took more calls on the Brady case. You can also hear The Final Word!
  • Felger & Massarotti: Hour 3

    Deflate-gate talk rolled on into hour 3 on Felger and Mazz. To get it all over with, does Tom Brady take a 1-2 game suspension with the right language? And it looks like the Patriots have a new enemy to add to their list – Houston Texans owner, Bob McNair. Listen to hear what he said regarding the Brady case.
  • Felger & Massarotti: Hour 2

    During hour 2, Felger and Mazz continued to discuss the latest with Deflate-Gate. No one seems to be giving in at this point. Both sides have come too far. Along with the drama of deflated footballs, is Tom Brady having problems at home too?
  • Felger & Massarotti: Hour 1

    Felger and Mazz kicked off hour 1 talking Patriots and Red Sox. The Patriots are eight days away from game one of the NFL season, and there is still no ruling in the Deflate-Gate case. And the Red Sox have been playing well, creeping up on 4th place – is there a danger to it, though?
  • Zo And Beetle Make Their Roster Predictions

    With the final week of the preseason underway, the roster cuts have begun. Listen in as Zolak and Bertrand go through every player currently on the Patriots roster, and making their predictions for the final 53.
  • Is Tom and GIsele's Marriage On The Rocks?

    The DeflateGate saga could be taking its toll on Tom Brady's personal life, after an US Weekly article was published claiming that Brady and Gisele's marriage has hit a rough patch. Listen in as Zolak and Bertrand discuss the legitimacy of the article and what this could all be stemming from.
  • Sean McAdam On Hanley Moving On From Left Field

    With the Hanley Ramirez project seemingly coming to a close, the question now is if he can adequately play first base. Sean McAdam of discusses with Zolak and Bertrand the logistics of putting Ramirez at first and who's decision it was to make that change.
  • September 2, Hour 1

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, the guys hold a deep discussion about libraries as well as some talk about Jason Sudeikis, recap last night's Yankees win over the Red Sox and talk about the latest developments with Tom Brady.
  • September 2, Hour 4

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, Will Brinson discusses the NFL, Marshawn Lynch is on the Home Shopping Network, and the guys run through The Stack.
  • September 2, Hour 3

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, the guys take some people to A-Hole Court, discuss a New York Times article that says Sony edited the Concussion movie in order to not upset the NFL, and also discuss Curt Schilling's email to a writer.
  • September 2, Hour 2

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, the guys recap the highlights from Hard Knocks, CSNNE's Phil Perry discusses the Patriots, and the great national debate surrounding Fred's hat begins.
  • Texans Owner Speaks Out On Brady

    As if there hadn't been enough ridiculous criticism of Tom Brady this offseason, Texans owner Bob McNair felt the need to chime in with his own thoughts. Listen in as Zolak and Bertrand react on Bob McNair's comparison of Tom Brady to JJ Watt.
  • Could Brady Still Accept A Suspension?

    After this incredibly long process with DeflateGate, it clearly could have taken its toll on Tom Brady during his preparation for a Super Bowl defense. Listen in as Zolak and Bertrand discuss the possibility of Brady taking a reduced suspension just to get this ordeal over with.
  • Tom Brady Speaks at Gala

    With the NFL regular season right around the corner, the Patriots had their annual gala at Gillette to welcome in the new season. Listen in as Zolak and Bertrand talk about what Brady had to say last night, as well as Zo giving his first hand experience of the scene down at Gillette.
  • Keefer Madness

    Rich Keefe takes a look at a scary news story in Canada involving a cemetery and unicorns.
  • Doug Kyed --

    Doug Kyed from talks to Adam about the latest deflategate developments, the recent cuts made by the Pats and the team's overall performance during the preseason so far.
  • Should Pats Have Added More Depth at WR?

    Adam takes a closer look at the Pats' lack of drafting at the WR position in recent years. Given the team's depth issues at the spot and high number of recent picks, should they have done more to add young players to their core at the position?
  • Games of Jones

    On Tuesday's edition of Game of Jones, Adam plays a game of over/under with Rich Keefe. Adam makes his picks on Brady TD passes this year, career home runs for David Ortiz and more.
  • Alan Milstein

    Attorney and legal analyst Alan Milstein joins Adam to discuss the latest developments in the Deflategate case. Which way will Judge Berman rule? And will either side succeed in appealing Berman's decision?
  • Is Deflategate Affecting Tom Brady's Play?

    Adam wonders how much the deflategate case has affected Tom Brady's preparation during training camp. Will it be a factor in the team's performance at the start of the regular season?
  • Tuesday, September 1st
  • Waiting for Deflategate Ruling

    Adam opens the show by discussing Judge Berman's latest pledge to rule on deflategate by the end of the week. What could be the reason for the delay in the ruling?
  • Jay Feely Talks About what Happened at Hearing on Monday

    Former kicker Jay Feely was present at the appeal hearing in New York on Monday as a member of the NFLPA's Executive Committee and spoke to CBS Sports Radio's Doug Gottlieb about what was discussed in the short hearing
  • Dan Shaughnessy on the Don Orsillo Debacle

    Dan Shaughnessy from The Boston Globe joined Zo and Bertrand and gave his side to his article published on Monday night detailing NESN's efforts to have fan's signs supporting Don Orsillo removed from view of cameras.