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  • Saturday, December 3rd
  • Claude Julien pregame interview

    Dave Goucher catches up with the B's coach before they take on the Sabres
  • Celtics @ 7: Defensive Deficiencies Evident Versus Elite Big Men

    The Celtics have faced some elite big men in recent games.
  • Friday, December 2nd
  • Reaction to Celtics Win over the Sacramento Kings

    Immediately following the Celtics broadcast Jones gets into the C's tough win over the Kings by a score of 97-92 and if he wants DeMarcus Cousins.
  • Jae Crowder Walkoff

    Jon Wallach and Cedric Maxwell catch up with Jae Crowder after he and the Celtics got a tough 97-92 win over the Kings at the TD Garden.
  • Gronkowski Family and Patriots Joint Statement

    Adam Jones opens up going over the detailed statement that the New England Patriots released alongside the Gronkowski family regarding Rob Gronkowski. Jones gives a very strong opinion on the Patriots Super Bowl hopes after the loss of Gronk.
  • December 2nd – Hour 4

    In the fourth and final Hour of an Agenda Free Friday, Felger and Mazz rest and continued to take calls on all the topics from the week.  To close out the week, we hear from Squeaky Mazz and Mad Mike in the Final Word with Jim Murray.
  • December 2nd – Hour 3

    Chris Gasper, of the Boston Globe, joined Felger and Massarotti during Hour 3.  The guys discussed the Patriots, Gronkowski’s back surgery, the 2001 Patriots, and Sunday’s game against the Rams.
  • December 2nd – Hour 2

    In Hour 2, Felger and Mazz discussed Hall of Fame voting in Major League Baseball.  Bob Socci, the radio voice of the New England Patriots, joined Mike and Tony to talk about Rob Gronkowski’s back surgery and Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams.  Finally, the guys talked about the historical impact of the 2001 Patriots.
  • December 2nd – Hour 1

    It’s Agenda Free Friday!  Felger, Massarotti, and Jim Murray shared their opening thoughts before taking calls on all topics from the week.
  • Fake Promo Friday -- December 2

    As they waited for Tom Brady to take the podium, Zolak & Bertrand listen to some of their best clips in this edition of "Fake Promo Friday."
  • December 2, 2016 Show Highlights

    0:00- Loss of Gronk is a Big Blow for Patriots
    7:59- How Will Patriots Manage Players in Wake of Gronk Injury?
    18:07- Bert Breer on Gronkowski Injury
    26:52- Read and React
  • Read and React

    Zo, Bertrand and Bert Breer are guided by Marshall Hook through all of the big story lines as we head int Sunday's slate of games in this edition of "Read and React".
  • Bert Breer on Gronkowski Injury

    Bert Breer of joins Zo and Bertrand in studio as we continue to talk about the impact of the loss of Rob Gronkowski, after the tight end announced he would undergo back surgery that will end his season.
  • How Will Patriots Manage Players in Wake of Gronk Injury?

    Zo and Beetle wonder if the injury to Rob Gronkowski will change the way that the Patriots approach protecting their star and key players going forward for the rest of this season, to preserve health for the playoffs.
  • Loss of Gronk is a Big Blow for Patriots

    The Patriots and Rob Gronkowski announced yesterday that the big tight end will be lost for at least the remainder of the regular season and most of the playoffs after he undergoes back surgery on Friday. Yet again, the Patriots are left without one of the biggest playmakers in the NFL as we head down the stretch and get set for the playoffs. Zo and Bertrand tell you how big of a loss this will be for the Patriots.
  • December 2, 2016 Hour 4

    On this hour: Dr. Gill gives his thoughts on Gronkowski's back injury.  Bill Belichick's press conference, the stack and more!
  • December 2, 2016 hour 3

    On this hour: Wallach guesses the Hallmark channel Christmas movie plot.  Former patriots Linebacker Rosevelt Colvin calls in and gronkowski's back injury is discussed.
  • December 2, 2016 Hour 2

    On this hour: Kickers and punters try teir hand at comedy.  Bert Breer from MMQB calls in to discuss how Gronkowski's injury will effect his career and the Patriots season.  Nick went out to the bruins game for a Bruins recap and should the Bruins change their goal song?
  • December 2, 2016 Hour 1

    On this hour: Rob gronkowski will have back surgery.  Will it be the end of his career?  Calls on gronk come in.  Bruins win in a shootout against Carolina.  Dallas beat minnesota and more!
  • Thursday, December 1st
  • Gronkowski Family and Patriots Update Status of Rob Gronkowski

    Jones and Joe Murray discussed Thursday night’s joint statement released by the Patriots and the Gronkowski family regarding the health of Rob Gronkowski.
  • Goucher & Beers Interview

    Adam Jones was joined by Dave Goucher and Bob Beers following the Bruins shootout win over the Carolina Hurricanes at TD Garden on Thursday night.
  • Anton Khudobin's shootout-winning save

    B's win in a shootout
  • David Backes game-tying goal

    B's tie it up in final minute of regulation
  • David Backes postgame interview

    Dave & Bob talk to the B's forward after the 2-1 shootout win over Carolina
  • Jeff Skinner 2nd intermission interview

    Bob Beers talks to the Carolina forward after the 2nd period
  • Gronk Injured

    Adam Jones talks about the news that Rob Gronkowski is getting his third back surgery and what it means for the Pats the rest of the year.
  • Ryan Spooner 1st intermission interview

    Dave Goucher talks to the B's forward after 20 minutes at the Garden
  • December 1st – Hour 4

    In the fourth and final Hour, Mike Felger and Jim Murray continued to talk about Rob Gronkowski’s back surgery.  To close out the show, it’s the Final Word with Mike Riley.
  • Claude Julien pregame interview

    Bob Beers talks to the coach before the Bruins face off with the Hurricanes
  • December 1st – Hour 3

    During Hour 3 of Felger and Massarotti, Mike and Jim Murray continued to discuss Rob Gronkowski’s back surgery and its effect on the Patriots.  How will this injury impact his future?
  • December 1st – Hour 2

    In Hour 2, Felger and Murray continue to react to the Gronkowski back surgery news.  Can the Patriots make the Super Bowl without Gronkowski?  Vic Carucci, of the Buffalo News, joined Mike and Jim to discuss the timing of Rob Gronkowski’s back injury.
  • December 1st – Hour 1

    Felger and Jim Murray kicked off the show discussing Rob Gronkowski’s back injury and the surgery that will keep him out for 8 weeks.
  • December 1, 2016 Show Highlights

    0:00 - Rob Gronkowski's Back Injury is Concerning 7:12 - Jon Heyman Might Not Vote for Curt Schilling 18:34 - Dan Shaughnessy is DEFINITELY NOT Voting for Curt Schilling 26:36 - Bruins Defenseman Torey Krug 32:33 - Paternity Leave Research with Billy Jaffe 38:20 - GRONK TO HAVE BACK SURGERY

    Breaking news coming in and immediate reaction for Zo and Beetle to the multiple reports saying that Rob Gronkowski will need back surgery for a herniated disc.
  • Paternity Leave Research with Billy Jaffe

    In regards to Al Horford missing Monday's game for the birth of his daughter, Zo and Beetle ask Bruins analyst Billy Jaffe his opinion on the matter and what is legally given for paternity leave is also discussed.
  • Bruins Defenseman Torey Krug

    Torey Krug joins Zolak and Bertrand like he does every week talking B's as he and his team have a home game against the Hurricanes tonight. More talks about fighting and the disappointing shootout loss against the Flyers on Tuesday.
  • Dan Shaughnessy is DEFINITELY NOT Voting for Curt Schilling

    A regular guest on Zolak and Bertrand, Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe, calls in to tell the guys that he is absolutely not voting for Curt Schilling because of his personality and the things he says.
  • Felger Defends Himself For Having Opinion On Al Horford

    Michael Felger wasn't sure why he found himself at the center of a controversy for sharing his opinion on Al Horford. So he addressed the budding controversy on the air.
  • Jon Heyman Might Not Vote for Curt Schilling

    Insider at the MLB Network, Jon Heyman joins Zo and Beetle on his decision that he is probably not going to vote Curt Schilling into the Hall of Fame based on controversial social media tweets among other traits to his character.
  • Rob Gronkowski's Back Injury is Concerning

    Patriots superstar tight end couldn't attend a gala event at the advise from his/team doctors because the back injury that had him leave the Jets game early. If he is unable to attend charitable events there is plenty room to worry about him not being able to suit up and play a football game right now.
  • December 1, 2016 Hour 4

    On this hour: Danny Ainge calls in to discuss Last nights loss to the piston, Al Horford and more.  Boston Bruins forward Matt Belesky calls into the show, The Stack and the Crossover with Zo and Bertrand
  • December 1, 2016 hour 3

    On this hour: Brrd wants the show to play his old football highlights.  Dave Richard from CBS Sports calls in to give his weekly fantasy advice and more!
  • December 1, 2016 Hour 2

    On this hour: Brandon Meriweather calls in, Jeff Fisher doesn't know the runningbacks on the Patriots and Snoop Dogg went off on Fisher not allowing Eric Dickerson on the sidelines.
  • Danny Ainge On The Art Of Flopping, Celtics' Loss To Pistons

    Celtics president Danny Ainge joined Toucher & Rich on Thursday to discuss flopping in the NBA, saying that sometimes you need to act a little bit, also touching on the NBA's trade season and Wednesday night's loss to the Pistons.
  • December 1, 2016 hour 1

    On this hour: Fred came home yesterday and was unaware workers would be in his house and the TV would be unavailable.  What happened last night, Should rookie quarterbacks plays in their first season and more!
  • Wednesday, November 30th
  • Celts-Pistons Reactions

    Jones and Keefe reacted to the Celtics 121-114 loss to the Detroit Pistons at TD Garden on Wednesday night.
  • Gronk's Back

    Adam Jones and Rich Keefe begin the show talking about Rob Gronkowski's back injury and what it means for the Patriots going forward.
  • November 30th – Hour 4

    In the fourth and final Hour, Felger and Mazz continued to take calls on all the stories of the day.  Before the Final Word with Jim Murray, Felger stands by his comments about Al Horford’s paternity leave.
  • November 30th – Hour 3

    Paul Perillo, of Patriots Football Weekly, joined Felger and Massarotti during Hour 3.  The guys opened up the hour discussing the injuries that the Patriots are dealing with heading into Sunday’s game against the Rams.  Mike, Tony, and Paul also talked about Marcus Cannon’s contract extension.
  • November 30th – Hour 2

    In Hour 2, Felger and Mazz discussed the New England Patriots defense and Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams.  Also, the guys got back into the NFL’s ratings.
  • November 30th – Hour 1

    Felger and Massarotti opened up the show discussing the Boston Red Sox offseason and Major League Baseball’s CBA negotiations.  The guys also got into the Boston Bruins and last night’s shoot-out loss to the Philadelphia Flyers.  Finally, Mike and Tony talked about ratings in the NFL.
  • November 30, 2016 Show Highlights

    0:00 - Thursday Night Football Might be Nearing its End 9:34 - Reaction to Marcus Cannon Getting a 5 Year Extension 12:51 - Patriots Lash Out at Former NFL Executive 19:34 - Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens 28:41 - Beetle Contemplates Retiring from Radio    
  • Beetle Contemplates Retiring from Radio

    In regards to Beetle not having a big deal with the Marcus Cannon extension he wonders if he doesn't have the enthusiasm for the job anymore. In depth Patriots, Cannon, and offensive line talk.
  • Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens

    Brad Stevens calls in for his weekly interview with Zo and Beetle and starts by defending Al Horford being there for his daughter's birth and missing Monday's game against the Heat. Other topics involving the C's are also discussed heading into tonight's home game with the Pistons.
  • Reaction to Marcus Cannon Getting a 5 Year Extension

    Zolak and Bertrand react to the Patriots locking up Marcus Cannon until the year 2021. There are many other key members of the Patriots that are free agents at the end of the season and the Pats start with offensive lineman Marcus Cannon to do business with.
  • Patriots Lash Out at Former NFL Executive

    A former executive of the NFL for 50 years tweeted a poor worded statement regarding the tragic plane crash involving a Brazilian soccer team. The New England Patriots twitter account then responded to the now deleted tweet saying it was distasteful.
  • Thursday Night Football Might be Nearing its End

    Reports are indicating that Thursday Night Football might be wiped out and deleted when contracts with networks are up in a couple short years. Also, drastic changes might be coming to London NFL games starting next season.
  • November 30, 2016 Hour 4

    On this hour: Fighting at sporting events is discussed, NFL extra points, the stack and more!
  • Mike Gorman On Nerlens Noel Rumor, Importance Of Marcus Smart

    Mike Gorman, the TV voice of the Boston Celtics, joined Toucher & Rich on Wednesday to chat about the value of Marcus Smart, and recent trade rumors involving 76ers forward Nerlens Noel.
  • November 30, 2016 Hour 3

    On this hour: Former Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather joins the show for his weekly segment, A caller whi likes to fight at sporting events calls in and Celtics play by play announcer Mike Gorman calls in.

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