BOSTON (CBS) – Doris Toohey is eighty-five years old, and lives in a fourth floor condo in a seventy-two unit building. In August, the building’s elevator broke down, which means that whether she’s talking her dog for a walk or carrying in a load of groceries, she must go up and down four flights of stairs. The stress has been brutal for her arthritic knee, and there is no sign that relief is on the way. In fact, a recent announcement made it clear that the elevator could remain out of service for six months or more. Since she isn’t renting and there is no landlord or property manager, Toohey has essentially been told she’s on her own. Attorney Henry Goodman, who specializes in condominium law, checks in with Dan to explain what, if any, legal options Toohey has at her disposal. Do you think the other owners in the building should be forced to chip in to fix the elevator? Is it Toohey’s fault for choosing a unit on the fourth floor?


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