By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

FOXBORO (CBS) — Bill Belichick has been involved in coaching football for over 40 years. So when he sees something like what he saw play out on the field Thursday night in the Patriots’ season opener against the Chiefs, he knows that there’s no reason to try to sugarcoat the 42-27 loss.

“Bad defense. Bad coaching. Bad planning. Bad football,” the coach said after watching the Chiefs come into Foxboro and put a historic beating on his team.

The night — which began with fireworks, live music, and all-time great Patriots players celebrating the hanging of yet another Super Bowl banner — did not appear to be headed in this direction as late as the midway point of the fourth quarter, when the Chiefs held a one-point lead. In Foxboro, where the Patriots just don’t lose, everybody was waiting for the Chiefs to fall on their face.

But on this night, it was the Patriots doing the flopping. And in spectacular fashion.

Taking over at their own 40, the Chiefs chipped their way up the field before Chris Conley made a 25-yard reception. An Alex Smith pass to Albert Wilson picked up another 11 yards, and on first-and-goal from the 4-yard line, rookie Kareem Hunt took a pitch to the right side and won the race to the pylon.

All Tom Brady and the offense needed to do at that point was drive down the field, score a touchdown, and then tack on a two-point conversion. Considering they made that seem easy the last time we saw them play a real game, it was almost expected to happen within the confines of Gillette Stadium.

Yet Brady took a sack on the Patriots’ next offensive play, and he followed it up with two incompletions on deep heaves.

The Chiefs took over, knowing that even a field goal would likely be enough to secure a victory. They ended up getting much more.

Hunt, a third-round pick out of Toledo, took a pitch and ran to the left side of the field. When he got to the corner, he saw there was no second level to the defense in front of him. He burst up the left sideline and didn’t stop until Devin McCourty pushed him out of bounds after 58 yards.

Sensing a weakness, the Chiefs stuck to the ground game, handing off to Charcandrick West on the next play. West patiently waited for a hole to open on the right side of the line, and once he found it, he broke 21 yards untouched into the end zone.

And that was your ballgame — though Brady hung in to take two more sacks on the ensuing drive, as if to add some more pain to the equation.

When the final score showed a 42-27 score, it represented the most points ever allowed by the Patriots under Belichick. Smith joined Drew Brees as the only quarterbacks to ever record a 300-plus-yard, 4-TD, 0-INT game against a Belichick-coached defense. Hunt finished with 148 rushing yards, 98 receiving yards and three total touchdowns in his first career NFL game. It was the most yards from scrimmage by a rookie making his debut in NFL history.

After unveiling the banner for Super Bowl LI and hosting a big ol’ pregame party at the stadium, nobody saw this one coming. With the loss, all talk of a potential undefeated season will come to an end before most of the league even kicks off the year. And in New England, there will be plenty of dissection of just what went wrong — from the obvious collapses on defense to the inconsistencies of the offense to some coaching decisions worth being questioned.

Brady, who embarked on his age 40 season with his fifth-lowest single-game completion percentage as a starting quarterback, made it clear that the preseason loss of Julian Edelman can’t serve as an excuse for an offense that was stopped twice on fourth down and gave way to the punter six more times.

“We definitely have to play better. It’s a long year, so we’ve got 15 games. We’re going to have to do a better job, and he’s not coming back,” Brady said of Edelman. “So, the guys that are in there are going to have to do a good job. Every position that we have is going to have to do a better job than we did tonight. There was nothing really positive about anything that was done, so we’ve got to get back to work.”

For Brady — whose regular-season record at home dropped to 101-18 — a team turnaround will have to begin with a direct change within each player.

“We just have to be a lot better in a lot of areas, starting with our attitude and our competitiveness. We’re going to have to do a lot better than tonight,” Brady said. “I just think we need to have more urgency and go out there and perform a lot better. That is a winning attitude and a championship attitude that you need to bring every day. We had it handed to us on our own field. It’s a terrible feeling, and the only people that can do something about it are in that locker room. We’ve got to dig a lot deeper than we did tonight because we didn’t dig very deep tonight.”

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Comments (51)
  1. Doug Day says:

    Coming out flat…and staying that way, for a season opener on national tv is a coaching/ locker room thing.; Figure out what you want

    1. Keter Malkut says:

      Prayed last time that the Pats would win when President Trump had said he supported them. It was the time when the liberals were having a hissy fit over everything they could find about Trump. The Pats won a miracle after things turned around in a way that people were stunned – from a certain loss to a amazing win!

      This time – the Pats played on their own strength.

      1. The Pats won a miracle game because the fix was on. I don’t know how exactly but I’m not the only person to make this observation. Of course, some people observe UFOs and sasquatches so maybe I belong in that category.

    2. Jenna Lucas says:

      el lobo, does it hurt when you try to sit down?

  2. texasjimbrock says:

    So that is how it turned out. I turned the TV to another station as soon as I saw those multimillionaires disrespecting the national anthem of the country that has made their wealth possible. I will do the same every time I see it. Maybe I wont see too many games this year.

  3. There was a game on TV last night? Sorry I missed it. NOT. Will not support losers who take a knee to our flag.

    1. chrismireya says:

      @Patricia Collins Ethen – While I cannot respect any player who disrespects the presentation of the U.S. flag during the National Anthem of the United States as a means of “protest” against highly ambiguous issues, I don’t think that you’ll find that at Patriots games. While Boston (and Massachusetts) is undoubtedly a liberal area of the country, they are a world apart from the “anything goes in the name of liberalism” areas (like San Francisco, Sacramento, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, etc.). People in Boston are exceptionally and unapologetically patriotic. I would argue that it’s the Democratic Party in Massachusetts who are extremely liberal in spite of the views of most people — including Democrats — in the state. Remember: Massachusetts routinely elects Republicans to statewide offices. It is simply the Democratic Party of Massachusetts that uses gerrymandering to limit Republicans in state and congressional districts.

  4. I love the Patriots, but let’s face it: They had to eat a large portion of humble pie, last night. Consider it food for the soul, as it were.

  5. Robb Cameron says:

    I only watched a few minutes of this mess call NFL football after seeing the clown sitting for our National Anthem. And this morning, I was happily surprised to see that the cheaters got their ever-loving butts kicked in. Bye bye old man Brady. The cheating coach thinks you stink.

  6. Max Conrad says:

    I didn’t see it. The thought of contributing to a bunch of millionaire chimps kneeling to protest how bad things are in the United Sates. I hope their brains leak out of their ears, what little brains they have. Bend a knee and blow me.

    1. Stan Olson says:

      Sometimes I think that’s where they learned to kneel; maybe force of habit.

  7. as a pats fan, i’ll call this what it is: a good old fashioned can of whoop axx.

  8. Jim Morrison says:

    The Goodell Curse?
    Maybe the Pats should not invite him to anymore games.

  9. I didn’t turn the game on until after kickoff. I got to miss the foolish disrespect during the national anthem. I plan to do this going forward. National anthem used to never be televised as it was another opportunity to cram in more advertising. Wish the media would go back to doing that.

    1. Its a sporting event not some national program for folks who wrap themselves in a flag and call themselves Patriots.

    2. …But you watched the game anyway…what?…outta sight, outta mind?

  10. Hey Brady and Belichik… suck it up, buttercups!

  11. I feel your pain Tommy even though you don’t feel pain any longer. Maybe your Red Sox buddies can steel some opponent’s signals next week.

  12. Dave Umb says:

    I live in KC but wished the chiefs would have gotten trounced – especially that rich A.H. (#22) who sat on his butt during the anthem.

    1. I don’t live in KC, but the Chiefs are my team.

      I’m glad your Belicheat and Brady Bunch go their arrogant kiesters handed to them by the VISITING team.

  13. Patriots are too spoiled to keep in shape during the summer.

  14. Jeff Stone says:

    Geez what can I offer…but WHO CARES???? LOL

  15. Paul Jenkins says:

    Poetic Justice…..this team has managed to be more universally hated than Dallas…eat sh!t, Bellichoke, you and your Brady Bunch

  16. ben (@neaon) says:

    Hahaha I love it. The cheatriots going 3-13 this season would turn me into a believer in God

  17. Stu Pedasso says:

    Sort of leaves the guys feeling… deflated. ; -)

  18. tngilmer says:

    The offense was not great but the last time I checked, Brady does not play on the the defense.

  19. Keep taking a knee during the anthem? I’ll keep changing the channel.

    Sundays in Sept., Oct., and even Nov can be absolutely breathtaking. Beautiful weather. No humidity. No bugs. Just warm days, cool nights. Green of the mountains, blue of the ocean, and ever color in the rainbow hiding in every corner of six beautiful states. Lobster pie? Blueberry pie? Fried scallops and beer? Clam bake? Pick your own apples?

    Do I need to go on? There is only a thousand better things to do on Sunday that watch “oppressed” millionaires support the lie that cops target black males. Now black males targeting cops? There is some truth to that. Thugnado Mike Brown and Thugvonne Martin could have easily avoided their fate. Don’t punch people in the face!

  20. Going into the game the defense was suspect. They’re down two DEs. Shea McLellin is on IR. Dontae Hightower is limping. For their other “seasoned” LBs this is only their second season in the defense. Their DLmen were down Vincent Valentine.

    Offense: One WR has been with the team 5 days. This is Cooks first game, and it looks like he was just running fly routes. Edelman- ’nuff said. Amendola, valiant yeoman work until he went down, and he’s no Edelman. Malcolm Mitchell on IR

    Put it this way…it’s a good thing this year it’s a weak division. It’s gonna’ take a while for people to get healthy and build chemistry.

    1. Even Belicheat and Brady didn’t whine and make excuses like that.

      Your alleged PTSD is showing. Hurry back to your safe space, snowflake.

  21. Jay Lewis says:

    What does it matter who wins and who loses when your homeland is being dragged through animal excrement by the dirt bags in the NFL?

  22. Oh, yeah. And the Chiefs played a heck of a game and showed there was more than one team in the stadium last night.

  23. I’ll never forget the sight of all those fans holding up the “28-3” signs heading for the exits in the middle of the 4th quarter!

    Don’t ever change, chowderheads.

  24. No one cares! No one cares about NFL football anymore! No one cares. It’s over. You killed yourselves. We out here have moved on to other ways to spend our time, money and lives. Football is dead to us. We’ve had it! Good-bye and good riddance!

  25. NOTICE TO NFL ADVERTISERS like Budweiser and NIKE: Not watching any NFL game where a player kneels during National Anthem.

    1. Jay Lewis says:

      And boycotting your products whenever possible. Keeping a list of the brands featured on the backdrop curtain.

  26. Why must teams always try to offer some stupid explanations for losing? We freaking lost. That’s all you gotta say. Only one team can win in a two-team sport, period.

  27. Best to watch football beginning in the 3rd quarter. Why? Skip the useless stuff. Last night’s game, the most recent SuperdooperBowl and UCLA vs. Texas A&M last weekend.

  28. Aahh. Ratings down. Patriots lose. It doesn’t get much better than this The Karmic wheel is turning.

  29. Poetic justice, as the Chiefs were supposed to take a dive, but double-crossed Belicheat.

  30. “[We] just weren’t competitive enough, especially on offense and defense.”

    He left out special teams, vendor concessions, parking lot direction, and janitorial services.

  31. “I just think we need to have more urgency and go out there and perform a lot better.”

    Rocket science, obviously.

  32. Who cares? NFL sucks and is anti-America!

  33. Steve Austin says:

    It would also help if you had a quarterback that wasn’t a wuss and afraid of getting hit. Pressure Tom Brady and he can’t hit a receiver with his suv.

  34. Red says:

    Oh…the season has started? Looks like there was a game Thursday night…the Pats lost…dont care if they now have a player/players sitting out the national anthem too. A team called the Patriots that allows a player(s) to sit out the national anthem is an oxymoron. These players are employees, well paid to be entertainment livestock, if they are disrespecting the country while on the job…or even in public, off the job; that means the team owners are allowing it. The owners can set the requirements…they fine these men for wearing the wrong socks. Any team that allows this behavior without repercussions is anti American, therefore the NFL is becoming an anti-American game (notice how I dont call it a sport?). Might as well watch professional wrestling…all the drama but pro-America…and I’m not sure the NFL isn’t just as rigged.

    The Progressive Movement (Modern Democrats for the ignorant out there) targeted the NFL starting years ago, just like they target statues, a christian bakery who doesn’t want to participate in a wedding that goes against their beliefs…on and on it goes with the intent to strip the U.S. of everything that was its identity. They are rotting this country from the inside and the NFL is just one of the traditions they will destroy…they went for the NFL before baseball because it is the biggest spectacle and is “macho”…Progressives hate “macho” and people who can afford a nice place to have people over to party and watch football…yep, Progressives hate the middle class…get used to it, they are coming for all of us.

    Full disclosure, I always thought the whole standing for the national anthem, covering our heart, the pledge of allegiance…all that nationalistic BS is unnecessary drama and smacks of the old films of totalitarian regimes who require their people to do all of that stuff in unison like mind numb robots. BUT, all of that stuff is very important to my fellow Americans, and I love my country and I love my traditional fellow Americans and this stuff matters to them. In addition, there IS NO systematic anti-black brutality in America anymore. Yes, it is in some small pockets and individuals, but the majority of black men injured or killed by a cop resisted arrest somehow. Smart people say yes sir/no mam to police officers and cooperate because we dont want to get our skull cracked or shot…its a really simple concept young black men apparently cant figure out.

    Sadly, I’m a Redskins fan…sort of. They have been attacked by the Progressive PC enforcers over their name…a name that is in honor of one of the original great coaches who was an American Indian, so I’ve seen this leftist destructive force for years already with the NFL.

    I will record the game Sunday. I haven’t watched a real-time whole football game in years. I have stuff to do and cant just sit around all day on a Sunday wasting time watching football. So I watch the games in about an hour, skipping the long drawn out stuff between the actual entertaining parts of the game. I do like watching the formations and plays and athleticism of the players, but who wins or loses? Who gives a rip? What does your team winning do for you? Bragging rights? Braggers are jerks and low forms of humans…I strive to not be like them.

  35. F the NFL. Grew up with Chuck Noll and the Steelers 4 Superbowls in 6 years and players that played the game, didn’t dance after every play and respected the fans and the Nation and were grateful to get paid what they did to play a kids game. And woe be any rapist, thieves or wife beaters and open druggies because they were history!
    But got very tired of the swagger, disrespect, obscene salaries even with poor performance and finally openly cheating and politics (Dan Rooney using a Superbowl win to suck up to Obama to get to be an Ambassador to Ireland).
    Sold my seat Licenses (for a nice profit), gave up on Fantasy Football and started doing things like Scuba Diving with my son, traveling, reading more, and watching other stuff on TV when I watch (old movies and shows are much more interesting as well as History Channel)! Don’t miss the NFL or football at all.

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