WESTERLY, R.I. (CBS) – Workers finally dug up a beach mystery on the coast of Rhode Island on Thursday.

beach object Mystery Metal Object Pulled From Rhode Island Beach

The mysterious object on the sand (Image credit: WPRI)

For weeks, swimmers have been wondering about a strange object buried at East Beach.

The beach association shared underwater pictures last month of the eight-pronged metallic object with a circular base.

westerly object pic Mystery Metal Object Pulled From Rhode Island Beach

The metal object under the water. (Image credit: Peter Brockmann via WPRI)

So what is it? For now, no one knows.

“Not a clue. We haven’t solved anything here today,” East Beach Association President Peter Brockmann tells WPRI. “Hopefully, the experts in this field will take a look at it, now that we have it out, and be able to identify it.”

One theory is that it could be some kind of ocean-mapping equipment.

The beach association says they’ve taken it off site to investigate.

Comments (11)
  1. It’s Trump’s fault.

    1. Fred Doe says:

      Why not? The left claims everything else is.

  2. Fred Doe says:

    I’d have to say that it definitely isn’t alien since it says SAE on those bolts holding it together.

  3. top of a hot dog cart the umbrella?

  4. It’ an alien device sent to Rhode Island to look for intelligent life.
    Looks like it didn’t find any….

  5. Mike Burns says:

    Thats my homenade trampoline !

  6. Looks like support structure for the roof I’d a small grain silo to me.

    1. That should be, “roof of a small grain silo…” stupid autocorrect.

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