BOSTON (CBS) — Kiewann Watson of Mattapan faces charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and murder in the shooting death of 28-year-old Michael Miranda.

A court officer read the charge as Watson entered the courtroom.

“Mr Kiewann Watson is charged with murder,” the officer said.

Miranda’s family was in the court room and they began to cry as they witnessed what was happening.

“I want him (speaking of Watson) to spend the rest of his life in jail. He took someone from us. He took a father,” Miranda’s sister Desire said.

desire miranda Family Of Tremont Street Shooting Victim Relieved Accused Is Behind Bars

Desire Miranda. (WBZ-TV)

Miranda’s sister Liz says she’s hoping to receive justice.

“This is our brother and we love  him very much. We’re not resting until we bring him justice,” Liz said.

Prosecutors say Watson allegedly shot and killed Miranda on Tremont Street in Boston last Sunday. They also say he shot and injured a 29-year-old man, Miranda’s friend, after an altercation broke out just outside the Cure Lounge. The prosecutor said there was definitely a disturbance.

“Our video shows the defendant taking out a firearm and firing off five rounds, one of those rounds fatally struck Miranda in the head,” the prosecutor said.

While Watson was identified through video footage in the area, right now it’s still unclear what sparked the fight that led to Michael Miranda’s death.

Watson’s Defense Attorney Frank Camera says his client says he is innocent.

“He’s extremely upset and he says he maintains his innocence. It’s a sad situation for sure,” Camera said.

michael miranda Family Of Tremont Street Shooting Victim Relieved Accused Is Behind Bars

Michael Miranda with his two kids. (Photo credit: Miranda family)

Miranda’s family says Michael was a loving and supportive father of two children. They say he wasn’t a troublemaker nor a “gang banger.”

“It’s a shock in our family and we never dealt with someone like this. None of our family’s ever been murdered. We don’t come from a gang-banging family,” Michael’s sister Desire said.

Claudia and Cassandra are Miranda’s former girlfriends and the mothers of his two children.

“This is the hardest thing in my life. He was an amazing man and all love,” one of the girlfriends said.

The family says that even though Miranda’s life was cut short, his love for life remains as he requested his organs be donated immediately, saving eight people.

“We made a hard decision to make sure my brother’s organs were donated to save other people. But it doesn’t bring my brother back,” Desire also said.

But they’re relieved the man accused of taking their brother’s life is behind bars.

Watson is due back in court September 27 for a Probable Cause hearing.


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