BOSTON (CBS) – “The last supper of baseball photos.” A “modern day Norman Rockwell painting.”

That’s how Twitter is describing this incredible photo from Fenway Park on Thursday night. Captured by Boston Herald photographer Matt Stone, it shows fans on top of the Green Monster all going for a Rafael Devers’ home run in the first inning against the Chicago White Sox.

matt stone photo This Photo Of Red Sox Fans Trying To Catch A Home Run Is Amazing

Red Sox fans on the Green Monster go for a home run Thursday night (Photo credit: Matt Stone/Boston Herald)

How did he get the shot? Stone, who was shooting the game from the photo pit by first base, explains that he always follows the ball “and I saw this one heading right for the Green Monster.”

“What made this photo so different is I kept the frame really wide so you can see the kid with the ball appearing to be almost on top of his head and you can see the expressions on the faces of the other fans,” Stone said.

Those expressions are priceless. And some wondered, what’s with the guy in white facing the complete opposite direction?

Some people are already having Photoshop fun with two of the lungers.

And you might miss it on first glance, but Twitter also loved the person on the bottom right who looked like they wanted no part of this.

The Red Sox tweeted video of the homer, but it’s the picture that is truly worth a thousand words.

If you’re wondering how it ended, the ball takes a bounce before going into the glove of the young fan in the red hat.

  1. Wow, I wonder what I looked like when I caught Carl Yastrzemski’s 20th of the season, 79th of his career on October 3rd, 1965?

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