BOSTON (CBS) – Today Savings are from $11 to $50 list. I like the bigger numbers, although if you are disciplined the small savings add up.

#24 Buy discounted gift cards for expenses. These discounted cards are available at sites such as GiftcardGranny and Thegiftcardshop. AARP says you can save as much as $15 on $100 of groceries. When I checked out the websites the listed discounts were not as much as 15%. More like 4 to 5%. But still discounted. If you are looking to save money on groceries I think there are better ways than buying a discounted gift card.

#27 Go the minors. According to AARP major league baseball tickets average about $30 and you can go to the minors for about $10. AARP has never been to a Red Sox game! A $30 ticket will get you a seat in the upper bleachers, the nose bleed section where you will need lots of sunscreen. Expect to pay at least $60+ for an average seat. A ticket for the Lowell Spinners will cost a lot less, about $8. And the food costs are cheaper at a Spinners game. Savings at least $50 a game.

#30 Buy dryer balls instead of using fabric softener. Dryer balls reduce wrinkles without the extra cost or chemicals. With a small upfront investment you can save $20 a year on fabric softener. Sounds like a great idea but the dryer balls can be loud especially if your washer and dryer are upstairs next to the bedrooms and I found the laundry doesn’t smell quite as fresh.

#31 Before eating out, look for coupons for your destination at A coupon that costs $10 could be worth $25 off your bill for a savings of $15. The only problem, I could not find that many restaurants we would want to go to.

#32 Insulate your hot water lines. Preformed foam insulation jackets slip over the water pipes in your basement. You could easily lower your energy bill by $40 a year.  And they are easy to put on. You just need a step stool for the insulation.


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