CHARLTON (CBS) – When a Charlton man started riding the PMC he couldn’t have known the ripple effect it would have on his family or his landscaping.

His two daughters and their friends were so impressed with his effort and the ride they started raising money too.

They formed an entrepreneurial “sisterhood of cycling” with a name that means business. The “Daughters of Anarchy” are a fundraising force for the PMC.

“I’ve never seen that many bikers before,” said 9-year-old Clara.

“They raised a lot, a ton of money for Dana Farber,” explained 12-year-old Ivy.

“And then we wanted to support the PMC,” echoed 9-year-old Sarah.

And being too young to ride didn’t stop them.

pmc Too Young To Ride In PMC, Daughters Of Anarchy Are Still Raising Money

The Daughters of Anarchy walk door-to-door selling candles to raise money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. (Photo Credit: WBZ-TV)

“So, we decided to help in a different way,” said 14-year-old Jenna with a smile.

Sarah, Jenna, Clara, and Ivy are bike-loving sister duos who knew early on that they wanted in.

“They appreciate their health and that’s what’s most important to my wife and myself,” explained dad, Mike Dowdle.

When Mike, Clara & Ivy’s dad, decided to ride in the PMC a few years ago he inspired the girls’ fundraising efforts. And that may explain why he was so forgiving of their first fundraiser.

anarchy Too Young To Ride In PMC, Daughters Of Anarchy Are Still Raising Money

The “Daughters of Anarchy” raise money for the PMC (WBZ-TV)

“We looked at our flower garden and went ‘Boom’ we’ll sell my dad’s wildflower garden to the neighbors,” said Ivy.

“They basically came in and pillaged my garden. I came home and there was nothing left,” said Mike. “They had flowers in mason jars and they were selling them to the neighbors.”

In 2015 the team delivered a bouquet and a $200 check at PMC Opening Ceremonies.

Clara said it felt amazing and the fundraising seed was planted. Unfortunately, most of the garden didn’t grow back.

So, last year the girls sold cupcakes and this year they are selling candles and more.

The Daughters of Anarchy have already raised more than $1,000 selling their homemade candles and hand-crafted jewelry.

pmc31 Too Young To Ride In PMC, Daughters Of Anarchy Are Still Raising Money

The Daughters of Anarchy count money raised while sitting around a dining room table.

At the Dowdle’s dining room table creativity meets kindness. It’s not just necklaces and bracelets taking shape but a commitment to fighting cancer.

“It makes me feel great knowing that some kid or adult out there knows that they are being helped, that they have the hope to survive, ” said Ivy.

With determination as fierce as their name these “daughters” are gearing up for the future.

“To see tons of people riding their bikes just to help someone is really moving, ” explained Jenna “One day we are all going to ride in it.”

They will all be old enough in 2023.

This year PMC riders are looking to raise a record $48 million. Every rider-raised dollar is donated to cancer fighting efforts at Boston’s Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

For more information on the PMC or to support a rider click here.

To support the Daughters of Anarchy click here.

WBZ is proud to be your official PMC station. Please join us for PMC Opening Ceremonies live from Sturbridge Friday August 4th at 7pm. We will also have live coverage of the PMC on WBZ and on August 5th and 6th.


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