CONCORD (CBS) — The body of a missing swimmer was recovered from Walden Pond, officials said.

The regional dive team and Massachusetts State Police were called when a witness said they saw a 28-year-old man dive into the water and not come back up around 6:30 Sunday evening.

waldenpond Man Drowns In Walden Pond

The scene at Walden Pond after a missing swimmer is pulled from the water (WBZ-TV | Jim Smith)

Officials said the man was found after he was underwater for about an hour, taken by a boat to the shore, and then transported to Emerson Hospital. He was later pronounced dead.

“I believe he was in 12 feet of water, the clarity of the water changes though because of the pollen in the water, so we can’t see the bottom,” said an official on the scene.

Lifeguards had already left for the day before the time of the drowning.

The man was found in a remote section of the pond known as Thoreau’s Cove.  Officials said it was unclear if a lifeguard would have been able to save him had one been on duty.

The Middlesex District Attorney later released a statement that said, “this death is not considered suspicious no additional information will be released.”

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  1. Sunny Bo says:

    I was there, why did first response show up about 30 minutes after 911 call was made? And after they show up the search did not start for another 20 minutes. Can authority explained why the rescue team was so slow, when there is a possible drowning, a person only has about max of 10 min of survival time without oxygen. It was quite upsetting for everyone to watch the slow paste of the rescue team! Everyone around felt very helpless.! There were many volunteers who were trying very hard to save this young man life until first response show up. It’s a shame that professional help was not send on time and there is no accountability! I feel very sad for this young man and his family!

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