BOSTON (CBS) — Do you like music?

Would you like to be able to listen to music in multiple places?

Do you also like football?

When you listen to football in multiple places, would you like that music to be played from the inside of a football?

Did this just blow your mind?

Well, Rob Gronkowski has got the product for you!

gronk Rob Gronkowski Sells Revolutionary New Product: A Speaker In A Football

The GronkBall. (Photo credit: Brookstone)

The Patriots’ superstar tight end made an appearance on Home Shopping Network on late-night television this week, and he introduced his revolutionary new product … The Gronkball Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.

As you might imagine, Gronk’s sales pitch was impeccable. Feel free to skip through the first 30 minutes of this video to see Salesman Gronk in action. (Rob The “Mathemagician” around the 15:50 mark is the real winning segment.)

If you don’t have that kind of time, Toucher & Rich were able to pick out some highlights of the product pitch on Wednesday morning.

What’s better than having a football that plays music?” Gronk asked.

“What could be better than a football that’s a speaker? Everything,” Fred Toucher responded. “An umbrella. The thing that spins the hot dogs at the movie theater.”

I watch TV. You can play music next to you!” Gronkowski exclaimed.

“If you’re watching TV,” Fred responded, “why just enjoy the television when you can have something that drowns out all the sound from what you’re watching? … Hey everyone, let’s sit down and watch Games of  Thrones. OK, I’m going to jam this Paul McCartney song! I like lobster and ice cream — let’s put ’em together!”

You brush your teeth in the morning, you got music next to you!” Gronk said.

“These are all things that can be done without the football,” Fred noted. “Dude, you didn’t invent a speaker. You just put one in a football.”

As Fred summed it up: “Life is really not worth living anymore. All the great ideas are taken.”

Listen to the full audio in the player at the top of this post!


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