BANGOR, Maine (CBS) – Want to live as long as Florence Bearse? Try enjoying a glass of wine.

Bearse, a Massachusetts native who now lives in a Bangor nursing home, celebrated her 100th birthday Thursday.

According to WLBZ-TV, Bearse marked her big day with birthday cake, balloons and of course – wine.

“Oh, I like my wine,” she said. “Don’t take it away from me.”

Bearse used to run a restaurant and is now known for her “no-nonsense attitude and sense of humor” at the nursing home.

She had one more piece of advice to share with the TV station.

“Don’t take any baloney,” Bearse says.

wine glass 100 Year Old Massachusetts Native Says Wine Is The Secret To A Long Life

(Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

The health benefits of wine have long been debated. One recent study is pushing back against the idea that moderate drinking is good for you.



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