WEST WARWICK, Rhode Island (CBS) — West Warwick Police say a man they arrested early Sunday morning wasn’t even aware the car he had broken into was a police cruiser until after he was in custody.

“Yes this really happened!” the department wrote on their Facebook page Sunday.

They said David Jarrell, 22, was arrested in the parking lot of a Dunkin Donuts at Route 2 and Division Street around 2:58 a.m. Sunday.

warwick Police: Man Tried To Break Into Cruiser In Rhode Island

David Jarrell. (West Warwick Police Department)

Two officers said they saw Jarrell breaking into a cruiser parked in the lot and rummaging through a bag on the passenger seat.

“Jarrell appeared to not have noticed the large letters POLICE that was displayed on each side of the vehicle, nor did he notice the red and blue lights on top of the car or the light and siren buttons in the middle console,” the department said in their post.

The officers arrested Jarrell, at which point police said he realized the car was a police cruiser.


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