BOSTON (CBS) – Susan Rice, who has found herself under heavy criticism over her role in unmasking names of U.S. citizens while serving under President Obama, recently talked about the personal attacks launched on her by the right in an interview with New York Magazine. During the discussion, Rice claims that her gender and race could be a part of why she has taken so much heat from Republicans. At least she didn’t blame it on a video! Do you buy Rice’s claim that the criticism is due to sexism and racism? Or is that simply an excuse she’s using to try to deflect attention away from her role in unmasking names?

Originally broadcast June 28th, 2017.

  1. Oh, Rice is surely playing the blame game. Her shenanigans with the false flag video should have put her in jail. However, I don’t think she is doing anything different than her boss, Obama did. He was a liar, so is she. He made accusations against others for his wrongdoing, so does she. He used his race to his advantage, so is she. They could be brother and sister so much alike is their lousy behavior!

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