BOSTON (CBS) — Michael Floyd’s legal troubles appear to be far from over. The former Patriots receiver, now with the Minnesota Vikings, has reportedly tested positive for alcohol while on house arrest.

A rep for the Scottsdale City Court in Arizona informed TMZ Sports about Floyd’s positive alcohol test on Friday. According to the court, Floyd’s “alcohol monitoring system” flagged him for five “events” on Sunday and Monday, three of which were described as “high alcohol tests.” Sunday had marked the 91st of 96 days of house arrest for Floyd, according to the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

When asked for comment, Floyd told the St. Paul Pioneer Press’ Brian Murphy that the TMZ report is “totally false,” adding, “You can’t believe everything TMZ says.”

Floyd is prohibited from consuming alcohol as part of his house arrest. A violation could mean jail time for the ex-Patriot, who was arrested for DUI in Dec. 2016 and was released soon afterward by the Cardinals.

The Patriots signed Floyd later that week and the receiver was active for the Patriots’ final two games of the regular season and the AFC Divisional Playoff against the Texans. Floyd signed with the Vikings as a free agent in May.

TMZ Sports also reported that Floyd had “begged” the court to remove his alcohol monitoring system, an ankle bracelet, so he could train properly for the football season. He was granted the removal of the device, but had to agree to random breath tests – one of which he reportedly skipped.

Floyd blamed the positive tests on Kombucha tea, which contains a very small amount of alcohol, but his BAC was reportedly between .044 and .055. He is due back in court on June 26 and could be ordered back to jail if the court rules that he violated his house arrest.


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