BOSTON (CBS) – A statewide inspection of 1,525 gas pumps led to the discovery of four skimming devices, officials say.

Inspectors went to 263 in 74 Massachusetts cities and towns. On May 2, they found four skimmers on pumps at F.L. Roberts service stations in Easthampton and Amherst.

skimming2 4 Skimming Devices Found In State Inspection Of Gas Pumps

File photo of a skimming device inside gas pump (WBZ-TV)

Consumer Affairs Undersecretary John Chapman urged gas station owners to regularly check the card slots of their pumps for anything that looks suspicious.

“Thieves will continue using these devices and their placement can occur anywhere and at any time,” Chapman said in a statement. “Consumers need to be wary of any pump that looks as if it may have been tampered with.”

Consumers are being urged to only use gas pumps under good lighting, regularly monitor their bank accounts and to pay cash if possible. They should make sure police are called if something at a gas pump seems suspicious.


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