BOSTON (CBS) – The WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Political Roundtable weighed-in on former FBI chief James Comey’s Capitol Hill testimony. Here is what Democrat Mary Anne Marsh and Republican Gene Hartigan had to say.

Hartigan: As far as the bombshells that came out I think the two were: one, the surprise to me that James Comey told everyone that he leaked material. Just the fact that he did that, I thought, hurt his reputation a little bit.

The second, which I thought which was not surprising, but startling to hear from him, was that former Attorney General Lynch put pressure on him concerning the Clinton investigation. But I think what that shows is that Washington, whether it’s run by the Democrats or run by the Republicans, [does] things behind the scenes that are not right.

None of what has happened so far reaches an impeachable offense, nor will it cause the president to be impeached, but what it will do is continue to cause this country to be mired down in the mud until all of these investigations are finished.

Marsh: Wait a minute. The fact here is – think of all the questions that James Comey did not answer yesterday because he had to go into a closed session. When Comey was asked, ‘did Donald Trump collude with the Russians?’ he then said, I can’t answer that in open session. I will answer it in private session.

Think of all the times that happened. I mean that is damning in and of itself. And the fact that Comey, as a private citizen, after being threatened by Donald Trump in the White House, and then fired, and then Trump came out and said, ‘Oh, I just might have tapes of our conversations.’ He threatened Comey.

Comey was a private citizen. He had every right to leak that information to protect himself and that’s exactly what he did. People need to understand exactly what Donald Trump has been doing and how he’s been running things. And when you add all of this up, none of this is good for the country, but it’s especially bad for Donald Trump.



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