BOSTON (CBS) — NESN appeared to believe it had an innovative new idea for its Red Sox broadcasts, the kind of change that would keep fans informed and entertained throughout the game. Instead, its new idea looks to have backfired tremendously.

NESN introduced a new sidebar that popped up constantly throughout the Red Sox’ 9-1 loss on Thursday night, displaying a wide range of information mostly related to sports. It displayed stats, breaking news, and even reports from the James Comey hearing, seemingly as a random jumble.

But above all else, NESN’s sidebar presented info that viewers could have easily found on their smartphone or computer if they really wanted to find it.

The needless intrusion on fans’ TV screens had most on Twitter roasting the network for its ill-advised new idea.

Some tweeted at NESN directly to air their grievances:

NESN likely won’t change their minds on the sidebar any time soon, so Red Sox fans will have to endure the new screen setup for the time being – almost certainly on Friday night when the Red Sox take on the Tigers. We have reached out to NESN for comment, but have not yet received a response.

Either way, it’s likely that the longer NESN goes with the sidebar, the angrier Twitter will get.

  1. Joe Jarvis says:

    These are the same people who fired Don Orsillo. Idiots.

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