By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Provincetown is one of the most beautiful spots in Massachusetts, famous for its scenery, art, food and its longstanding reputation as a haven for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender residents and visitors.

They are a critical part of the Provincetown economy, and the local chamber of commerce regularly promotes events aimed at those communities. But apparently, not regularly enough for a handful of folks who appear to believe no good deed should go unpunished.

These are the people denouncing the Provincetown chamber for producing this video which features shots of people enjoying all the town has to offer. But because there is no explicit mention of anyone’s sexual preference, the chamber is being accused of making gay visitors feel “less than welcome,” and of going out of their way to “exclude one of P-town’s largest, most well-known demographics.”

The creator of the video says there was never any attempt to straight-wash the pitch or Provincetown’s image, and if you stop to think about it for a second, they’d have to be crazy to even try. In fact, the chamber was already planning a second video focusing on gay events, which is the primary focus of another business group in town.

But facts and common sense are no deterrent to some people who get an instant rash over any slight, real or imagined, and can’t resist the urge to immediately scratch away. So far, it doesn’t seem that their whining is getting very far. The fact that it occurs at all is dismaying enough.

And it just goes to show, even when the topic is tolerance, intolerance is always nearby and ready to strike.

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Comments (3)
  1. John Myroro says:

    What does he mean by “sexual preference?” Surely not orientation or identity. Perhaps he’s a bigot.

  2. While I personally have no issue with the video I do think the tolerance jab at the end is misplaced. The “whiners’ are not being intolerant, they’re simply sensitive as members of a community long ignored, long erased, long rendered invisible to issues of upfront and clear representation.

  3. Another straight, white, conservative leaning male telling LGBT folks how we should react or feel.

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