NATICK (CBS) — Natick Police said a man was drunk when he allegedly stole a woman’s car from a convenience store parking lot Monday night–and they say they used the “Find My Phone” app to track him down.

Gregory Hurst, 47 of Natick, was charged with his fourth OUI offense and his tenth driving with a suspended license offense, as well as larceny, using a vehicle without authority, and driving to endanger.

He was ordered held on $7,500 bail at his arraignment Tuesday morning.

findmyphone oui Natick Man Accused Of Stealing Car, Arrested On 4th OUI Charge

Gregory Hurst. (Natick Police Department)

Police said Hurst got in a woman’s car in the parking lot of the Honey Farms on South Main Street. They said the woman had left her car running as she went in the store.

Her phone was also in the car–and police used the “Find My Phone” feature to follow the path of Hurst’s alleged joyride.

But as they searched, police said, Hurst drove the car back into the lot. They said he had crashed it somewhere and driven back, as it had damage to the front end and front tires.

They said he couldn’t stand on his own, and needed officers’ help getting out of his car. Officers also said he claimed the owner gave him permission to drive the car–but she told them she’d never seen him before.

Hurst, who police said has a long criminal record, was then placed under arrest.

He was ordered under house arrest and will have to be tested for alcohol use four times a day using a device on his phone. He’s due back in court July 20.


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