BOSTON (CBS) — The Best Buddies organization said that Friday night’s barring of a Boston Globe photographer from a charity event took place without Tom Brady’s knowledge.

Tony Massarotti doesn’t buy it.

“I don’t believe for a second that Tom Brady didn’t know about it,” Mazz said to open Monday’s Felger & Massarotti Show. “I don’t believe for a second that he didn’t know. I don’t. I don’t believe it for a second.”

Both Mazz and Michael Felger agreed that the incident was in direct relation to the story the Globe ran in April, but Felger questioned whether Brady would actually know that security had such a plan in place.

“How could he not know?” Mazz asked. “I would think that he would have some hand in knowing whether the Globe was going to be there after that story. I do. … I think they banned the Globe. I think that’s exactly what they did.”

Mazz continued: “I don’t think it was a rogue employee. I think that this was tit-for-tat and I believe that Brady knew about it. I do.”

Mazz likened it to John Calipari banning The Boston Globe from covering a UMass basketball event in the ’90s after the Globe ran some critical coverage of the school’s academic standards for basketball players.

“It’s the lamest of the lame. This is the old John Calipari trick. You write something negative about me, you’re out. Calipari got absolutely, completely annihilated for it, and rightfully so, because he acted like a little baby. And so I just can’t help but think the same thing went on here,” Mazz said.

“It’s pathetic,” he said. “It’s lame.”

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Felger couldn’t believe the assertion, asking Mazz, “You think Brady knew?”

“Yes, I think Brady knew. Yeah, it’s his event. And if he didn’t know, he should know,” Mazz said. “I think Brady knew. I do. I think Brady knew. So it’s purely coincidence that the Globe gets banned after writing a front-page story? Someone made the decision without him? I think Brady knew on some level. I do. Somebody around Brady knew somehow on some level, and maybe it’s the person who handles Brady. I don’t think that this was just done by some jackass on his own or her own.”

Felger disagreed, saying it was more likely one person making a bad decision without consulting anybody.

“Oh, I don’t,” Mazz contested. “I think there was somebody from Brady’s camp that had some say on that. I do.”

Mazz said he had no sources on the topic, but, “I’m sorry — I connect the dots.”

“I believe that Brady and or his camp had some influence over that,” he added. “If Brady wasn’t upset at that [Globe] story, he probably should have been. And if he wasn’t, someone very close to him undoubtedly was. And I think that this was not just some donkey acting on his own. I don’t.”


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