By Beth Germano

TAUNTON (CBS) – It was a powerful encounter with Mother Nature for a Taunton woman and her ten-year-old daughter.

Elly Alves had just picked daughter Amary up from school when they saw what looked like a large fireball hit the side of the car.

“The lightning just went straight to my car and went boom,” said Alves. “It was very, very loud.”

ella Im So Lucky: Mother, Daughter Survive Lightning Strike

Elly Alves (WBZ-TV)

The tire rim absorbed the brunt of the strike and bears a small burn mark. It also struck fear in both of them.

“The car was smelling, a burning smell, and it worried me a little,” Elly said. “I thought the car was going to explode.”

Elly Alves stopped the car and they jumped out on instinct running away from it, but then thought the better of it.

“We panicked, we didn’t know what to do,” Elly said. “But then I said we better get back in the car.”

lightninghits2 Im So Lucky: Mother, Daughter Survive Lightning Strike

Elly and Amary Alves survived a lightning strike (WBZ-TV)

Amary says as they continued to drive the smoke still worried them so they decided to drive to the police station and have the car checked out for reassurance.

“They said I’m very lucky it didn’t hit the motor that the impact was on the rim,” Elly said.

It’s the one in a million chance in a sudden storm and now they hope lightning doesn’t strike twice. “I’m so lucky I said ‘thank you God I’m alive’,” said Elly.

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