BOSTON (CBS) — It seems though not a day goes by without Jared Carrabis talking about the Red Sox on the radio, on TV, or both. So Michael Hurley decided it was time to find out exactly who this guy is.

The Barstool Sports baseball writer joined Hurley in studio for the second episode of The Hurley Edition Podcast, and he explained how a Red Sox fan who didn’t even major in journalism ended up becoming a prominent voice in the Boston media.

“I don’t understand why they keep asking me to do these things, but I keep saying yes and having a lot of fun doing it,” Carrabis said. “I’ve gotten really lucky.”

Carrabis explained his WWE-level of public bravado, shared a story of how he and Dan Shaughnessy buried the hatchet, and described what it is he does with his work.

“I see a lot of value in writing the way that the fan thinks. If I’m a fan, I want to read someone that’s kind of going through what I’m going through over the course of a season,” he said. “Those guys [beat writers] are reporting the facts. I report the emotions.”

He talked about what Dave “El Presidente” Portnoy is like as a boss and also took a crack at explaining how and why Barstool Sports has such a loyal, cult following.

“Barstool is like the Muppets, almost,” he said. “It’s like, you have the story behind the scenes, and then you have the main show. That’s Barstool.”

Carrabis also talked about the evolution of his Red Sox fandom, discussed his complex friendship with David Price, and shared how the Bobby Valentine catastrophe almost got him to quit writing forever.

Check out the audio above, here on the CBS Boston site, or on iTunes and Stitcher.

  1. wctvhost says:

    Jared is s stud.. got his start on my show Red Sox Weekly in Wilmington MA

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