PROVINCETOWN (CBS) – The Coast Guard and local boaters teamed up to rescue several dozen sightseers from a Provincetown breakwater Sunday.

The crowd of 44 people were stranded on the jetty because of what the Coast Guard said was, “An astronomically high tide.”

ptown jetty Provincetown Coast Guard Rescues Dozens Stranded By A High Tide

Provincetown Jetty where the Coast Guard and boaters rescued the sightseers. (Photo credit: Provincetown Police)

The breakwater is near the MacMillan Pier in Provincetown and runs across the tidal marsh. The walk is popThe tide rose in the marsh, cutting off the people from the shore.

Coast Guard spokesman Petty Officer 3rd Class Brian Glora says he was pleased with the rescue and those who pitched in to help.

“The harbormaster and TowBoatUS crews did a great job responding to so many people in need of help, and we were happy to assist,” Glora said.  “It was an unorthodox response, but in the end, everyone is safe on shore.”

Six people fell into the chilly Atlantic water, but there were no serious injuries.


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