WORCESTER (CBS) – Police say a man was robbed on a Worcester street, then another group of people stole his keys while he laid on the ground semi-conscious.

The incident took place Monday around 11:20 p.m. on Mt. Pleasant Street.

Worcester Police say the 41-year-old man was unable to give a description of exactly what happened to him. He was brought to the hospital with a head injury.

Investigation showed that the man had been robbed while walking to his car. A person hit the man in the head from behind and took something from his pockets before running.

While the man was unconscious on the ground, a group of people began going through his clothes.

Police say the group took the man’s keys and used them to enter his car, which had been locked. They took several items out of the car before walking away while the man was still injured on the ground.

“Somebody is helpless, and instead of helping him out he gets taken advantage of,” Worcester Police Sgt. Sean Murtha said.

No arrests have been made.

Worcester Police are reviewing surveillance footage captured from a nearby home that may have recorded the incident.

How could somebody do something like that? It’s very sad. You have to think about the family

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