BOSTON (CBS) – A man rescued a jet skier after a collision in Dorchester Bay Wednesday night.

As they pulled their jet skis out of the water, the modest damage to one hardly told the story of the awful collision — and valiant rescue.

jetdamage Jet Skier Rescued After Crash In Dorchester Bay

Jet ski damaged after crash in Dorchester (WBZ-TV)

“They were just riding and going at full speed and they didn’t see each other and they collided,” said Jeff Escoto, another jet skier. “Not head-on but like side-to-side.”

A group of jet skiers who hook up on Facebook were zipping around in the choppy waves off Malibu Beach — not far from Thompson Island, when two slammed into each other.

“It was rough water so the waves hit both of us, and we just collide into each other,” said Thuan Ly.

Thuan Ly suffered only scrapes and bruises. But his buddy was knocked from his jet ski into the water where he lay motionless.

jetskis Jet Skier Rescued After Crash In Dorchester Bay

Jet ski damaged after crash off Malibu Beach in Dorchester (WBZ-TV)

“They both flew off, each jet ski do flips,” Escoto said. “One of the guys was unconscious.”

That’s when jet skier Anthony Figueroa switched into rescue mode, jumping into the water pulling the injured man back on board and heading for shore.

“When I see him about to drown, I threw him on here, he’s a little guy, and then just drove,” said Figueroa.

As the semi-conscious jet skier was rushed to Boston Medical Center the Good Samaritan could do nothing more than hope for the best.

“He wasn’t moving, he wasn’t doing anything so hopefully he is doing good,” Figueroa said.

Boston EMS says the jet skier’s injuries are not life-threatening.


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