SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (CBS) – A little boy is apologizing to police officers for calling 911 when there was no emergency.

The South Portland Police Department shared a note the boy sent “the cops,” saying he’s “really sorry.” Police wrote that the boy tried out the 911 system while he was home after school.

“Sorry I called you and lied to your face,” the boy wrote. “I will never call you again.”

Calling 911 without an emergency is a crime, but no one is getting in trouble here. Police are instead using this opportunity to let the public know that they should not panic if they accidentally dial 911.

“Our thanks to our young resident (and, perhaps, his parents) for the note (and for accepting responsibiity and setting the record straight),” police said. “And no worries, we’re a phone call away…. when you NEED us!”


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