BOSTON (CBS) — A local mother and her newborn baby girl are doing well after two police officers helped the woman give birth in her car Thursday.

Officers Sean O’Connor and Kevin Rowley jumped into action when a man flagged him over to his parked SUV near the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and saw the woman giving birth.

“We weren’t sure if it was just going to be a sick assist, someone who needed to get into the emergency room, something like that,” explained Rowley. “But when we opened the door we all of a sudden realized that she was pregnant and giving birth.”

policedeliverbaby Boston Police Officers Help Deliver Baby

Officers O’Connor and Rowley helped this woman in labor outside of Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Photo Courtesy of Boston Police)

While one officer assisted, the other ran to the emergency room to get medical staff and supplies, police said.

When at first the baby was slightly blue and quiet, O’Connor was able to clear her face, mouth, and nose so she was able to breathe.

Medical professionals were then able to take over.

“Even afterward, she seemed very grateful and happy that we were there to help, that we were there just in the nick of time,” said O’Connor.

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