BOSTON (CBS) — It was a Buy or Sell Monday on The Game of Jones, as 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Adam Jones and Nick Cattles discussed a variety of topics, mostly surrounding the Boston Red Sox.

The questions, and Jones’ answers, are below.

Buy or sell: Will David Price pitch in a game by June 1?

“I’m going to sell the idea of David Price pitching by June 1, and here’s why,” said Jones. “I know the manager laid out a nice timeline … all I know is, this thing has crawled along at a snail’s pace going back to this spring. All I know is, I wouldn’t rule out another setback. … I just don’t trust the Red Sox when it comes to their timetable.”

Buy or sell: Is Craig Kimbrel the best Red Sox closer in the past 20 years?

“I’m also going to sell that, but I will acknowledge that Kimbrel has been unbelievable,” said Jones. “But the best, most dominant closer they’ve had in the last 20 years still is [Jonathan] Papelbon.”

Buy or sell: Horse racing?

“I buy horse racing,” said Jones. “As long as there’s a chance at a Triple Crown – which, I guess, may start to fade now that we’ve seen one in our lifetimes – I buy the idea, every year, of the [Kentucky] Derby.”

Buy or sell: Is Andrew Benintendi a true cleanup hitter?

“It’s worked to this point, but I sell it,” said Jones. “He doesn’t feel like a cleanup hitter. This feels like a short-term spark. I can’t imagine that Andrew Benintendi is going to stay there long term.”

Buy or sell: Will Jackie Bradley Jr. turn it around this season?

“Oh, I buy that! I certainly buy Jackie Bradley Jr. turning it around,” said Jones – with extreme sarcasm. “He can’t possibly just suck at hitting, that can’t be what’s going on. He can’t possibly be a bad, undisciplined hitter that got hot for a month last year and was ridiculously locked in. … Jackie Bradley Jr. is definitely the guy we saw in August two years ago, or the guy we saw in May last year. That’s definitely who he is.” (end sarcasm)

Listen to the full podcast below:


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