By Beth Germano

LAWRENCE (CBS) – A Salem, New Hampshire woman who was seen overdosing in front of her two-year-old daughter on cellphone video last November could have charges against her dropped if she remains clean and sober for two years.

Mandy McGowan, 37, faced child endangerment charges after the incident in which McGowan is seen unconscious on the floor of a dollar store in Lawrence, her two-year-old daughter tugging at her to wake up.

lawrence1 NH Mom Who Overdosed In Front Of Daughter Could Have Charges Dismissed

Video obtained by police shows Mandy McGowan who overdosed in front of her daughter. (Lawrence Police Department)

Police had to administer two doses of Narcan to revive her. Police say straws with drug residue were also found in her diaper bag.

McGowan was in Lawrence District Court Friday and told the judge she has been drug free since then. Prosecutors were looking for a guilty plea in case they call “egregious.”

“This child has been traumatized and could be traumatized throughout her life as a result of this,” said prosecutor Lindsay Shaheen.

mcgowan2 NH Mom Who Overdosed In Front Of Daughter Could Have Charges Dismissed

Mandy McGowan in Lawrence District Court (WBZ-TV)

McGowan’s attorney, James Klotz, says she voluntarily sought treatment which continues successfully. “She’s turned the corner in this case, I hate to see her end up with a guilty on her record,” said Klotz.

The judge sided with the defense and continued the case without a finding for two years. McGowan remains on probation, but if she meets the court’s requirements including continued treatment and submitting to random screenings, the case could be dismissed.


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