By David RobichaudBy David Robichaud

LAWRENCE (CBS) — A popular school administrator at Central Catholic High School in Lawrence has just been fired for allegedly having inappropriate social contact with students.

The Middlesex County District Attorney’s office confirmed they are investigating allegations against Andrew Nikonchuk, the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Central.

The school’s president, Christopher F. Sullivan, released a statement that said,”The employment of Andrew Nikonchuk, an administrator at Central Catholic High school, has been terminated for cause after it was determined he had violated the school’s policies pertaining to appropriate social boundaries between students and faculty.”

Georgia Brox, a Central Catholic student, commented, “The alleged thing that might have happened is really messed up, kinda makes me uncomfortable, makes me super uncomfortable.”

She added, “I’ve never heard of any teacher giving away their phone number or anything. Any teacher I’ve ever dealt with at Central has kept school and personal life very separate.”

Anthony Boniface also said, “I guess maybe he was having conversations with students, maybe friendly conversations. Maybe he was more like a friend, you’re not supposed to be friendly with the students.”

School officials added they are in the process of assessing the extent and frequency of the policy violations but they refused to comment on what those violations were.

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