BOSTON (CBS) – The documentary “Boston” captured the history of the Boston Marathon in less than two hours and the director has worked to provide as many factual events as possible.

“A lot of people know of the Boston Marathon. It’s a legendary event. But, I think fewer people probably know why it has that status and I think this film tells that story,” said Boston director Jon Dunham.

Dunham had plans to make Boston for more than 10 years but the storyline took an abrupt turn with the 2013 bombings.

boston marathon john d Documentary Boston Brings Historical Events From Past Marathons To Life

“Boston” director Jon Dunham speaks about the film. (WBZ-TV)

“I knew from the beginning there was a balance that needed to be struck, so that it didn’t become a film about the bombings and it didn’t shortchange any of that either,” said Dunham.

In 2014, more than 120 crew members with 56 cameras spread out along the course to capture the heart and the unbreakable spirit of the Boston Marathon.

boston documentary 4 boston Documentary Boston Brings Historical Events From Past Marathons To Life

An inside look into the documentary, “Boston.” (WBZ-TV)

“Boston covers the triumph of the Marathon legends like Clarence DeMar, Johnny Kelley, and Bill Rodgers and the running pioneers like Bobbi Gibb and Kathrine Switzer,” he said.

Matt Damon is the film’s narrator.

“Matt was absolutely wonderful. Apart from being our first choice, he has close connections to the Boston Marathon having grown up watching his father and brother run the Boston Marathon and we’re very very grateful to have him be part of this,” said Dunham.

“Gratitude is a recurring theme in “Boston,” said Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray said in the film.

He “never wants to lose sight of what this race means to so many people around the world.”

boston documentary 5 cover Documentary Boston Brings Historical Events From Past Marathons To Life

A look into the “Boston” documentary. (WBZ-TV)

Filmmakers traveled to Japan, Kenya, Greece, and Australia to capture the prestige and pull of the Boston Marathon around the globe.

Dunham says this is not just a film for runners.

“This is a film about triumph over adversity,” he said. “These themes are universal, digging deep, finding courage and strength. And that theme really came to life here in Boston.”

“Boston – The Documentary” is in theaters one night only on Wednesday, April 19.

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