BOSTON (CBS) – The Red Sox passed the flu around their clubhouse. Now they’re passing hand sanitizer around.

“Yeah hand sanitizer is being passed around, everyone has one in their locker, definitely washing my hands 10-20 times a day,” said outfielder Chris Young.

The bug hit the Red Sox so hard that the clubhouse had to be fumigated over the weekend while the team was in Detroit.

“There’s a stomach flu, there’s a full-blown flu, and then there’s respiratory, cold, all that stuff. We’ve got a little bit of a M*A*S*H* unit,” said manager John Farrell.

First baseman Mitch Moreland was the first to get it, in Spring Training. He was quarantined with a temperature of 103 degrees.

Mookie Betts missed most of the Detroit series after catching the bug last week.

“Still guys are coughing in locker room but once game starts everyone focused can’t use it as an excuse,” said Betts.

Pitcher Robbie Ross has been on the 10-day disabled list with the illness.

Slugger Hanley Ramirez has also missed four of the six games so far, and didn’t even travel for the series in Detroit.

But fortunately for the Red Sox, Ramirez and other players are finally beginning to feel more like themselves.

Boston hosts the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday.


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