By David Robichaud

BROCKTON (CBS) – Steve Otis, a double amputee, does not like to talk poorly of people. But he is very angry at the men who robbed him of his wheelchair.

He said that only “a lowlife sleazeball,” would commit a crime like that.

“I was coming up the sidewalk, one hit the back of my head. One took my wallet and one took my wheelchair,” said Otis.

Otis said after the men knocked him down and stole his wheelchair. He was left lying on the ground and crawled on his hands down the sidewalk.

He continued almost halfway up the street, where police found him almost 100 feet away from where his wheelchair was stolen.

“I wasn’t gonna stay there it was far easier to crawl up the street to get away cause you don’t know if they’re coming back,” said Otis.

brockton Double Amputee Robbed Of Wheelchair, Wallet In Brockton

Brockton resident Steve Otis shows the area where he was robbed of his wheelchair. (WBZ-TV)

He called 911 on his cell phone but the officer who found him just happened to be driving in the area.

A firefighter found Otis’s wheelchair in an abandoned lot.

Otis lives in the Elmcourt Hotel in Brockton. He has been disabled since a fall five years ago forced doctors to amputate both legs.

Despite what he’s been through, Otis maintains a positive attitude.

“To have an upbeat spirit and a good sick sense of humor is the best medicine,” laughed Otis.

Brockton Police are investigating the incident.

Comments (81)
  1. In california this would be legal if the value was less than $950. Come to california where stealing is legal.

    1. Doc Mac says:

      Well, it has to be legal in California, otherwise the State couldn’t maintain the tax revenue it needs to support all the non-citizens it maintains. Enjoy the new gas taxes and vehicle registration fees; the the illegals certainly will.

      1. doc mac, the republicans when the time comes to dole out highway money. screw them ,give
        25% of what they want . elections have consequences “Obama”

  2. No description of the punks? The silence says it all.

    1. Tony Tads says:

      when they don’t give a description .
      when you an eye witness . you know he is black .
      when I seen riots in mall . don’t even look at the video.
      they’re black. right 100% of the time.

    2. Spontaneous1 says:

      i agree

      1. i don’t agree with the black comments sorry just the lack of description.Very screwy

    3. obbop says:

      Have the Amish or Mormons been moving into the area?

      1. Yes, it sounds just like the Amish. First, there is graffiti sprayed on the sides of barns. Then a little fermented barley. Next, comes the buggy jackings. They are all the same.

      2. It sounds like two English chaps from Essex.

    4. exactly. When the race is not given or the attackers are described as “teens,” then you know with 100% certainty that it was blacks.

    5. Mark Mach says:

      Intimidation has it’s consequences. Subtle or not so subtle

  3. Nina Sage says:

    No respect, for anybody or anything. These are feral humans there should be a bounty on.

  4. Rudy Gold says:

    Beautiful Brockton, MA. The home of the real “Rocky”. What has changed in Brockton since the days of “Rocky”? The background in the video speaks volumes.

  5. John Dendy says:

    No mention of race. That means the perps were black.

  6. Neo Kong says:

    No description of perps.
    We all know what that means.

  7. Had to have been “teens” or “youths” in an “isolated incidence”.

    Consequence free criminal violence has become their new entitlement.

  8. I dont even have to ask what race the thugs were, sad

  9. Joe Allen says:

    No description of the suspects given in the article?

  10. Not only NO description, the topic is virtually avoided. Only one demographic gets this kind of media protection. Only one.

  11. Robert Burke says:

    No need need for description.Everyone knows.

  12. Why no description of the perps? Oh yeah, it’s CBS.

  13. Dan Condron says:

    Now, now,,let’s not rush to judgement ! That Area is a heavily “Disabled” Neighborhood, it could have been one of the MS 121/2’s.

  14. Sparky Mills says:

    Yet another democrat bastion.

  15. jboothby says:

    Things like this don’t happen in a civilized society where the sub people ferals inexplicably allowed to remain haven’t been taught to hate us by the true enemy among us.

  16. Mickey Aggie says:

    Publically cut off their hands and “private parts”. Show the “special” on TV!!

  17. Marco DeNola says:

    I suppose if he carried a weapon to defend himself, he would be the criminal.

  18. Writer of this article: You are putting this man in danger by saying where he lives. Delete that.

  19. You can have civilization, or you can have niġġers. You cannot have both, it is scientifically impossible.

  20. Sherry Lee says:

    I bet the robbers were Mormons.

  21. Carl Ball says:

    sir are you a vet? if you are go to the va and they will fit you with prosthtetics for both legs and rehab you to use them. you may end up in the olympics like that south african guy. lol

  22. Most likely a couple of Obama’s dreamers, maybe MS-13 slime. Brockton is infested with illegal invaders.

  23. I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the many great contributions of the Black community and their culture to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature makes them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture.

    Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real Estate values are fueled by the influx of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nurturing of these communities, an example of all they have achieved by their enthusiasm for self-improvement through hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.

  24. The article doesn’t say the ethnicity of the assailants but it is very sexist, racist, and homophobic because it says they were “men”. Are you sure they weren’t women transitioning to men? Just striking out against misogyny and “homophobia”? You can’t mention race and ethnicity, but you can’t mention gender either in New Speak. I’m sure the assailants were dead white nineteenth century European men who have committed all the crimes we have against “the people’, and not our dear black and brown brethren – and sisters – and those who identify as sisters – especially – so oppressed by white privilege. Boy my head hurts by the millions of “communities” white men have committed crimes against.This guy looks white and has a white privilege name: how dare he have a wallet and wheelchair?

  25. No description of the Perps? Gee. I wonder why.

  26. Peter York says:

    what color were the black guys?

    1. I literally laughed out loud. I’m going to remember this one.

  27. Obama’s sons and Eric Holder’s “people” strike again…and again…and again…ad infinitum.

  28. These shines will soon learn it’s no longer racist obama, holder and lynch celebrating their “diversity”… The days in which it’s great to be a black thug in America are coming to an end. Sessions is going to end DOJ BS handcuffing of our policemen. Already put Baltimore and Chicago “agreements” on hold. Lets get black criminal incarceration rate back to pre obongo levels. It will take a whe ust to get all he felons he released back in the slammer.

  29. gosh…no description of the suspects, huh? boston strong, baby(sarc).

  30. where is a ccw holder when you need one?

    1. Does MA allow CCW? Last I heard, they had billboards reading: “Have a gun? Go to jail!”…

  31. To the vet victim: go to the VA and get yourself some carbon fiber legs. Then run the hell OUT of Brockton to a SAFE community where $hit like this will not happen because the sub-humans simply are not there. Your best bet is Bend, Oregon … 88,000 people and almost NO Africans! Terrific place with clean air and brisk weather, good and sporty people, beautiful mountains, and plenty of veteran medical assistance. GO!

    1. Forgot to mention: Bend has VERY affordable housing!

  32. Let’s take some bets on demographics here. Any takers?

  33. My mother was a double amputee and this story angered me here in California. I hope someone helps this man out. Horrible!

  34. Lynn Wood says:

    It is heartening to learn that disabled people are not discriminated against, (sarcasm)

  35. Some thoughtful gun owner needs to give him a handgun and ammo, to surprise the next Democrat Liberals who want to “share the wealth.”

  36. Tommy Lewis says:

    And the description of the suspects are 3 cowards that are black. Who else. And blacks complain when black males are shot even when they are unarmed. They only prey on the unsuspecting or the disabled white people. The gravy train has left Washington D.C. and you are going to miss your EBT card. Pathetic.

  37. No description? That means one thing…

    COON, COON …
    Black Baboon …
    Brutal, worthless
    thieving GOON…
    Often High, Thrives in Jail
    His welfare check
    is in the mail …
    Some 40 offspring have been had,
    Not one will ever
    call him dad …
    And yet he hollers day and night:
    “i blames de white man
    fo my plight,
    it’s him spreads trash
    all round my shack…
    it’s him what makes me
    smoke dis crack,
    he push my kind
    to burn and loot,
    an sends de po-lice
    dat we shoot …
    but inch by inch we takin’ hold
    like when the white bread starts to mold…
    i’ll overrun
    yo home and soon…

  38. hitrestart1 says:

    Only an evil soul would commit such an act against another human being. They went out of their way to cause this man to suffer; there was NOTHING to be gained by stealing his wheelchair.

    Kudos to Mr. Otis for keeping a joyful heart.

  39. Hey Mr. David Robichaud, why isn’t a description of the perpetrators included in the article?

  40. Yip Yap says:

    Black or Hispanic or Muslim…YOU KNOW IT!

    Why do I say this?

    Coz we have been conditioned to expect the worst and they never fail.

  41. Whenever a news story omits the race of the perpetrators, you can probably make a safe bet they were black–especially in light of the fact the victim is white.

  42. Since you are not telling us everything …. again, let us guess. No, it’s not a guess at all, is it? Shame on you.

  43. Susan Vue says:

    BROCKTON MA is a sanctuary city.

  44. Sounds like two English chaps from Essex.

  45. You people in Massachusetts should just shoot yourselves, now, and spare yourselves from the rest of America’s schadenfreude. Your laws are predatory, as are your taxes; and your ideals and ideas function only through types of theft.. and almost everything you think is based on false evidence.

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