SOUTH DENNIS (CBS) — A Cape Cod man was arrested Sunday morning after a drug task force raided his house and found what authorities said was an illegally-possessed AR-15 style rifle.

Massachusetts State Police said Rory Haddad, 27, was charged with illegal possession and improper storage of a large capacity firearm.

They said the Cape Cod Drug Task Force, made up of State, Dennis, and Barnstable police and officers from the Barnstable Sheriff’s Office, executed a search warrant on Haddad’s Nautical Way home around 6:45 a.m. Sunday after learning that the semi-automatic rifle was suspected to be there.

The State Police STOP tactical team took part in the execution of the search warrant. Haddad, his girlfriend, and his mother were home at the time.

The weapon, they said, appeared to have been custom-built, and was found with several magazines that held more than 10 rounds.

A body armor vest disguised as a men’s clothing item was also found and taken by officers.

State Police said more charges were expected as their investigation continues.

Haddad was taken to the South Yarmouth State Police barracks, where he is being held until his arraignment.

Comments (3)
  1. You guys realize that is a left handed semi-automatic 9mm (pistol caliber) custom made carbine and that the magazines, or as the media would call them “highcapacityassaultglockclips”, are for a rifle chambered for a rifle cartridge?… That won’t fit in that rifle pictured…? Right…? Because you’re not under-educated, ignorant, fear mongers right?…….. But I can understand why its scary to you. It IS mostly black. And what is the left if not rampantly racist.

  2. Sean Meadows says:

    Interesting that the magazines pictured won’t fit into the rifle pictured. Since, y’know, the magazines are for 5.56 rounds and the rifle pictured is a 9mm Stag Arms rifle.

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