By Bill Shields

CHELSEA (CBS) – Sen. Edward Markey spoke with members of Chelsea Collaborative about the possible effects of President Donald Trump’s proposed budget cuts.

The city of Chelsea has a majority Hispanic population with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state.

However, the city will have problems to deal with if Trump’s budget cuts are approved.

“What it really is, is something that puts millionaires and billionaires first, and everyone else in our country last,” said Markey.

Dr. Mary Bourque, the city’s public schools superintendent, worries about cuts in federal spending. “We believe firmly that we are in an era of the dismantling of public education,” said Bourque.

Chelsea residents that rely on government assistance are fearful for the outcome of the budget cuts.

Patricia Ebanks, an immigrant from Honduras, has worked until a few years ago.

Ebanks had neck surgery that left her disabled. She relies on government assistance for heating her apartment but that may disappear under Trump’s budget cuts. “I’m scared, because the rent is expensive,” she said.

Even with the large amount of Republicans, Markey does not believe that the budget cuts will be approved.

Markey says there are several key republican senators lining up to oppose many of the president’s proposed budget cuts.


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